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Montana Sunsets

“Come out of the trailer and see this amazing sunset!”

I scrambled for the camera and snapped up the sky quickly. I had learned that sunsets change from minute to minute. The neighbouring rig was in the photo but if I cropped him out I would lose some of that glorious sky.dscn7060_edited-1 dscn7061_edited-1These amazing sunsets and some of the sunrises are something I will miss when we go back home where hills take up more of the sky than the prairies do.



Let them eat cake

Is this what they meant by “Little House on the Prairie”? Maybe this house is just a bit too little.


Credit where credit is due, this photo was taken by the Captain with his little Fujipix. Photography is not his number one passion so I was surprised at the sky condition and general composition he captured.

We started to wonder about the little house. It has two windows and a door, so maybe someone, like a farmhand, might have lived in it temporarily. But maybe its main purpose was something else. I’ll never know the answer.

The present owner thinks it might date to around the 1930s. He said the previous owner used to put cake in it. We were a bit confused about that until we asked more about the cake. Apparently cake is what they call the pellets that are used to supplement the cattle feed in the winter.


He said that when he was younger, raccoons used to visit this little house to eat the “cake” and then sleep in the attic. There was a small square cut out of the attic for access and it was a scary moment when the young fellow and his friends dared each other to stick their head up into the attic.

One thing I know for sure about this little house, is that the prevailing wind comes from the west.