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Quilts at the Fair

Today I volunteered to “hover” over the quilt exhibits at the local fall fair exhibition.

Many of the quilts required a high degree of quilting skill, and all of them took a lot of hours to complete. The quilt below is called Tantal”Eye”Zing. It has many tiny points that meet other lines and all connections have to be accurate.

A real challenge to sew, but what a rewarding finished product. You may just be able to see the beading and extra ornamentation sewn onto the quilt.

Smaller projects such as table runners are practical as well as beautiful.


These owls told me they would like to come to my house and stand guard by the front door.

The 3-D boxes below are really a flat quilt sewn with black, white, and gray fabric, cut and sewn to give a 3-D effect. But believe me, the quilt is flat. Really, it is!


The quilt below is noted for its interesting use of colour combinations. Also, the tiny squares are not easy to line up so all the corners meet exactly, but they do.


There are many more quilts in the exhibition, but there is not room to show them all here.

The man in the photo below did a super job of filling the hall with beautiful, soothing music. He gave me permission to take his picture but I didn’t tell him I wanted to put him in my blog post so I have blurred his face in case he didn’t want the publicity he is unaware he is getting.

The music was great but I just loved his outfit.

Those pants!!!!!!



Quilt Show in Comox

Last weekend I volunteered on behalf of the Schoolhouse Quilters’ Guild at the Comox Valley Exhibition. It was inspiring to see the  various creations of other quilters. The quilts were displayed on panels of black cloth hung on structures made especially for displays of this sort.

I’ve chosen a few of the quilts for this blog. I would like to have featured them all, but there simply isn’t the space to do that.

I like the way the quilter of this piece used the quilting lines to show the contours of the landscape.


These two wall hangings are hand  quilted. That’s a lot of work when it could have been done by machine, but the hand quilting gives them a special look and is more difficult to do exactly, and much more time consuming. Great care is taken to make sure that each stitch is the same length.
DSCN6356 The mermaid below is done by machine quilting. It doesn’t show up on my photo, but the mermaid’s hair is quilted in two colours of thread, one dark, one light, which give her hair a highlighted look. The scales on her body are not part of the pattern of the fabric; they are quilted on. Notice, too, the stitching lines that give the impression of the movement of the water.DSCN6349 One of my favourites is this sunflower quilt. In better lighting it would be glittering and sparkling, but it was hanging in a darker corner and so couldn’t be seen to its best advantage.DSCN6367 Again, the stitching lines show the contours of the landscape. Excellent job!DSCN6368 This jellyfish quilt has little lights sewn into it which can be switched on at the back of the quilt. But even without the lights, the work is very good.DSCN6370 And what’s not to love about “Oh Canada”? The applique of all the animals on the map must have taken a lot of time.DSCN6366After putting in my time at the exhibition, I couldn’t wait to get home and fire up my sewing machine.


Quilting Retreat

Next week, I hope to tell you all about the quilting retreat I will be attending this weekend. There was a time (long ago, now) when I would never have considered spending a weekend sitting around, sewing with a bunch of old ladies.

We get wiser with age, and now that I’m one of “the old ladies” I don’t feel all that old at all, and I’ve come to realize that, even though I’m an amateur quilter, there is great satisfaction in creating something original and possibly even useful.

Today I’ve packed my threads, fabrics, rotary cutter, and my wonderful Bernina sewing machine. I’ll be bringing along material to make another quilt similar to the one in the photo below, which I made last June for the guest bed, only this time I’ll make a bigger one for my own bed.


I’m looking forward to being away from the usual housekeeping duties for three whole days. I’ll miss the Captain and the dogs, but with any luck they’ll miss me too and be happy to see me after the weekend.

If my sewing comes together, I may share my creations with you next week.