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A Dog’s Breakfast

It is morning. Ruby is lying low while I get my coffee going.  I can almost hear her thinking, “See? I’m being good.”

Emma takes her cue from the older dog and lies low too. They both know there’s a good chance they’ll get a treat before breakfast, just so I won’t feel so guilty about eating mine before going to feed them.

The tiny Melmac dishes have been part of our household since they belonged to our cats 40 years ago. They are the dogs’ snack dishes now.

I usually crumble half a slice of bread into each dish, add a bit of whatever tasty morsel might be around – a sprinkle of parmesan, a tiny dash of half and half, whatever is handy – and add some warm water. I walk over to the hallway with Emma and Ruby right behind me. Without being told, they each sit in their usual spots, Emma to the right, Ruby to the left. I place the dishes on the floor and as always, Emma looks up at me while Ruby stares at her dish. When I say, “Okay,” they lap up the goodies.

Afterwards, like the good girls they are, they bring me the dishes to put in the sink.

Here is Ruby with her brown dish.

And here is Emma with her cream dish. (Her pictures are often  blurry because she is always in motion.)

Then, partially satisfied, they lie at my feet until I’ve had my coffee and toast, knowing that afterwards we’ll go downstairs and they’ll have a real “dog’s breakfast.”

“Manners matter,” Ruby says.

Emma says, “I’m cute.”

“That’s not enough,” the old dog warns.

“And you should follow suit.


Just lie down flat, and roll your eyes

To watch what’s going on.

Pretty soon we’ll get our snack

And breakfast won’t be long.


Sit there patiently and wait.

Never whine or jump.

If you do, we’ll miss our snack

So sit down on your rump.


When the mistress says, ‘Okay!’

We can begin to eat.

You’d better not start in too soon,

She doesn’t like a cheat.


“Oh yeah, but Ruby,” Emma says,

“You always watch your food.

I watch, adoringly, her face,

And capture her good mood.”


Food Fun

My sister likes to post creative ways of presenting food on facebook. If it’s not too complicated, I try the “recipes” (I suppose you would call them recipes, although sometimes it’s more like a construction project.)

Around Christmas time she posted some creative penguins, made from olives, cream cheese, and carrot pieces. I made a little penguin choir and took them across the street where we were invited to dinner. One by one the penguins disappeared from the choir until only a soloist was left. He was dying to go join his friends so I euthanized him and made us both happy.


Tonight we’re invited out for dinner and I wondered what to bring besides the usual bottle of wine. I thought of my sister’s latest creative critters that she had found and posted. I’m not sure what they’re supposed to be, but my guess would be friendly alligators.

Here they are all dressed up and ready to go out to eat (or be eaten). The guests will each have to draw on their primitive instincts and wrestle one of these gators into submission before dining on them.


Do you have any special fun foods you like to make?  Leave a comment and tell us about it.