The Dinner Table

My garden is a tangled mess this year because I’ve hurt my back and can’t bend down to pull out the weeds. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.) The flowers have been so generous about hiding the weeds until I’m feeling better. They’ve done such a good job that no self-respecting bird would think it was a place for humans only. One of my visitors recognized it immediately as “tamed gone wild” and made himself at home there.  He exuded confidence and a sense of ownership, only knocking once he was already  in the door.

What he knocked on was once a huge fir that stood too close to our house. We had to cut it down many years ago and only a low stump was left. After today, I’m glad, for the first time, that we didn’t try to auger out the stump and get rid of it. Apparently it made a good dinner table for Woody, the pileated woodpecker. The spellchecker insists on calling him a pillaged woodpecker, and it is partly true. He does have a pillaging nature.


“Pillaging? … Me? A bird’s gotta eat!”


“Now, hold on just a minute. I think some of my dinner fell off the table top.”


“Do you think it would be polite to crawl under there to get it? I suppose if it fell on the floor, I should leave it … but it looks so good.”


“Hmm … What to do … what to do???”


“Oh, to heck with it. I think I can get it from up here. I’m gonna go for it.”


Stay tuned for the next installment, coming soon to a computer near you.


P.S.  I have just found out that the male pileated woodpecker has the red malar stripe (moustache), while the female does not have it. So this is definitely MR Woodpecker.

29 thoughts on “The Dinner Table

  1. shoreacres

    Those “little” injuries surely can nag, can’t they? I’m glad you have such delights around you to make the recovery process a little less taxing. The woodpecker’s wonderful. I’ve only seen one in all my years, but I suspect if another ever flies in I’ll notice it. Wonderful photos.

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      We have several kinds of woodpeckers in the area, but most of the time they don’t sit still long enough to be photographed. Even so, this one was constantly moving his head around. But it was a thrill to see him.


  2. Pit

    Great pictures of the woodpecker, Anneli. 🙂 And don’t worry about the state of the garden: nature loves it to take over. I keep my fingers crossed that your back will be better again soon.
    Have a great weekend,

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  3. Lori

    Such a myriad of birds near you. That’s why I was shocked when that rainbow colored one landed in the tree above me. We don’t have multiple species here. We did in Florida though.

    BTW, remember when I wanted to know what that one plant was and I asked you on my blog? I thought it was dogwood? Well, the lady who lives in that house with those plants was outside when we walked by with Max the other day. I asked her about them. I thought she said they are Japanese Spice Plants. I looked them up online and can’t find a similar picture. She said they only bloom for about two weeks. We walked by when they bloomed and they smelled like jasmine.

    Just thought I’d let you know.

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Isn’t that funny? Just the other day I was going through photos in my Downloads folder and came across that one. I was annoyed with myself that I still hadn’t found out what it was. Thanks for letting me know about it. I’m not familiar with that plant. Have a great weekend, Lori.

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