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Down at our local beach the other morning, these godwits were pecking in the soft shore mud. They look similar to sandpipers, but the speckled feathers and the slightly upward curve of the extra long bill say “godwit.”

The long bills are designed to probe the mud and sand for worms, molluscs, and all sorts of aquatic life.

There are several subspecies of godwits. I think these are marbled godwits.  I’m not a bird expert, so if anyone can provide more info, I’m happy to hear it.

There is nothing religious about the name “godwit.” Supposedly, the bird was named for the sound it makes.

Did you know that godwits can sleep standing up?

They tuck their head behind the shoulder and stand on one leg and have a little nap.  Sometimes I feel tired enough to sleep standing up.  I understand resting my head, but standing on one leg? That’s asking for trouble.

There are many more kinds of shorebirds that look like these. It is a whole science in itself to learn to identify them. I heard one of the godwits talking:


I love to dabble on the beach,

Poke at worms within my reach,

A tiny shrimp, a mini clam.

I am a godwit, yes I am.


 I stand on one leg for a nap,

I tell my friends, “Give me a tap.”

I’ll rest my head upon my shoulder.

Being with friends will make me bolder.


Then off we go to wade some more

All along the briny shore.

It’s a right fine restaurant,

Serving all the food I want.


Do come see me on the beach,

Don’t mind if I keep out of reach.

It’s safer for me keeping clear,

But visiting will bring us cheer.


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25 thoughts on “Shorebirds

  1. I’m not sure what type of bird that is, Anneli. It does look like a sandpiper, though. I love to watch those little fella at the beach. I wish I had that much energy! 🙂

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  2. Sweet poem. I love shorebirds but we don’t see many nearby.


  3. I would really rather sleep stretched out in my comfy bed. But then, I’m no godwit. 😀


  4. Yes, a very sweet poem, Anneli. And I love that name: godwit! What a cool name that is!

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  5. I really like your poem!

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  6. Cute poem, Anneli. I don’t think I could sleep standing on one leg either. 🙂 I love the silver water in the pictures too. 🙂

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  7. I like your poem a lot and I miss my beach walks.

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    • Thanks Ursula. I would miss the ocean if we ever moved inland. I know that from when we are on inland holidays. Nice as the inland holidays are, I miss the water and all the life in and on it.


  8. Pretty sure these are godwits, but hard to say what kind from the photos. Knowing where you saw them would also help with the ID. Lucky you to get to see shorebirds!

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  9. Great poem at the end. I look forward to seeing shorebirds when I visit the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

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  10. Looks like a perfect environment for those shorebirds. Your area used to have a bird sanctuary—is it still there?

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    • Yes, it is, Diane, but it’s quite small, and people tend to bring their dogs, so there goes the sanctuary part! Go figure. Don’t get me wrong. I love dogs. Have two of my own, but I don’t take them out to chase birds in the sanctuary.


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