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A Cool Trip – Part 2


After leaving Washington and crossing the approximately 70 miles of Idaho panhandle on I-90, we arrived at the Montana border at Exit 0. From this point, high up  (4,710 ft.) in Lookout Pass which is in the Rockies in the Coeur d’Alene Mountains of the Bitterroot Range, we began our descent into Montana. At Exit 16, the Silver Dollar Casino is a main attraction.

We don’t gamble, but we patronize the restaurant in this establishment, and we always fill our gas tanks there, both coming and going. Behind the casino, free RV parking with electricity is available. It makes our one-night stay there very comfortable.

Last year at this place, we saw wild turkeys just behind our rig. They were very daring (or stupid) because it was close to our Canadian Thanksgiving. But to give them credit, they were American turkeys so they wouldn’t have known that – American Thanksgiving being much later.

This night at Exit 16 was to be our last pleasant night for a while to come.


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29 thoughts on “A Cool Trip – Part 2

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

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  2. The first part was, but then we ran into weather.


  3. Fun trip in beautiful country. Happy Thanksgiving! Why do Canadians eat turkey on Canadian Thanksgiving? I know the U.S. story, but what is the Canadian story?

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  4. Wonderful! I have traveled I-90 a few times from Montana into Idaho and Washington. The historic Silver Dollar is still there, and it looks just the same as I remember. I am happy you left some turkey for we Americans to enjoy next month.

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  5. Have you mentioned that casino in previous posts, Anneli? It looks familiar to me. Glad your trip was good…at least for a while. At least I know you lived to tell about it! 🙂

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  6. A casino is a great place to dine.

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  7. Looks like a wonderful spot to spend the night. Options for dining, electricity and lots of parking! Love the photos! So the best is yet to come…..

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  8. Very nice place to spend a night. I love those turkeys, we had a beautiful couple of them on the Charlottes till the bear ate them both.

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  9. Great trip, it seems 🙂

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  10. Those are some healthy lookin’ wild turkeys. There have been a few spotted on my folks’ mt property from time to time, but they’re much scragglier.
    Like your travelogue.

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  11. Hahaha! Love the turkey comment. 🙂

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