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Great Blue Heron


Blue herons don’t have a dark patch on their shoulders, but this one does. I think something (like an eagle) tried to grab him and he got away. Not unscathed, but he’s alive.

I once saw a heron circle around and around, going higher and higher, until he was nearly out of my sight. In the airspace below him, an eagle was doing his best to climb higher as well, to get at the heron. I think herons must have lighter bones and probably a lighter body in proportion to the wings. They can outdistance eaglesย  and stay very high up in the air until the danger has passed.

I suspect that this one was caught napping and was attacked at ground level. Somehow he managed to escape the eagle’s clutches, and he lived to tell about it.

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33 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron

  1. Makes me feel good that he could escape.

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  2. The blue heron is a beautiful bird. Thanks for the great photo!

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  3. An eagle can eat a big bird like a heron? I’ll still never forget the time at our pond in Florida, when all the birds raced to save little ducklings from a hawk. There were cranes, egrets, seagulls, all chasing away the hawk!

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    • Oh yes, no problem. I’ve seen them pick up loons from the water (they’re only a medium-size bird) and swim, dragging the bird with them to get them close to shore (to lunch on them). Also big salmon – they pick them right up and make off with them if they’re close to the surface. Very strong birds and much bigger than they look at a distance.

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  4. A terrifying and fascinating story. Didn’t know any of that about Blue Herons. Kudos to this one!

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  5. What a treat to see! Blue Herons are one of my favorite of the large birds.

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  6. Great shots ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cheers !

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  7. Two magnificent birds – I didn’t know they were enemies. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Why can’t they all get along?? xo

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  8. I love these herons. Glad he got away!

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  9. A blue heron flying. What a sight that would be! I see many of them here, but always standing in the water, waiting for dinner to swim by, no doubt. Love your pictures, Anneli!

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  10. The Blue Heron is a regal bird, always a vision to appreciate. Lucky to escape from the Eagleโ€™s talons. Watched a big eagle in the yard next door, trying to lift a heavy fir limb off of the ground, he dropped it a few times, rested, and tried and it landed in the blackberries to be left there.

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  11. I’m glad he’s okay. A beautiful bird. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  12. I’m glad too. The eagle can go catch a fish instead. I’m impressed by how graceful these gangly herons are.


  13. Wonderful photos of this gorgeous bird, Anneli. It’s a rough world out there, I’m glad this one is okay.

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