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A Case of Harassment All Around


It was a glorious morning, very early.


“Caw! Caw! Caw!” came the ugly croaking call of a crow, summoning his cohorts to make a try for the breakfast that was about to happen when Robbie, Ryan, Ross, and Roberta left their robin’s nest.

I picked up some pebbles from the yard, grabbed the slingshot and went looking for the murderers who threatened to skewer the baby robins with their sharp beaks, much like hors d’oeuvres at a cocktail party.

As I walked down the path in front of my house, the crows flew away, and I stood a moment to admire the view.

I took a few breaths of fresh sea air and turned to go back home. Just then, something burst out of the two-foot-high St. John’s wort shrubbery at the side of the road. It flew up onto a fence rail about ten feet away and stared down at me.

It stared and stared and stared, for maybe 30 seconds, and then it flew up into a nearby fir tree.

I hurried into the house and traded the slingshot for a camera.

It was much farther away now, and I had to zoom the camera. It’s a bit fuzzy, but I was still thrilled to get any kind of a picture of this great horned owl.

Later I saw what it might have been after.

Looking back, I was harassing the crows who were harassing the owl who was about to harass the rabbit who was about to harass my garden which held the worms that the robins were about to harass. And what was harassing me? The backyard supervisors, wanting their breakfast.

Sorry for the blurry picture of Emma. She can NEVER sit still.

And Ruby, patiently waiting for her breakfast.

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40 thoughts on “A Case of Harassment All Around

  1. If only the food chain wasn’t quite so cruel. I know they all have to eat and catch their prey to do that, but it is also so heartbreaking to see. Glad to see the dogs know how to access food without hurting anything or anyone. Amazing photos, as usual, Anneli! Thanks for sharing them.

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  2. All those beautiful shots! This new camera takes professional pictures. Too bad that all creatures have an enemy, that´s Nature.

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  3. Great shots, Anneli! The owl is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. This is so fun, Anneli! Well written and photographed. The owl is beautiful! The babies are beautiful, and your dogs are adorable! 🥰 Looks like the tide was out in the landscape photo, a gorgeous view. ❤️

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    • That’s right; the tide was out. That’s one thing we can always tell without leaving home — what the tide is doing. But more than the view, I love all the little critters that live nearby.


  5. What a great post. I have never seen an owl in person, let alone a Great Horned Owl. You know what they say about owls? But I’m sure it’s just myth.

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  6. Cute doggies! 🙂 You really have a wonderful view!

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  7. Owl! Fabulous. I used to see that species in Alberta sometimes.
    Nature is full of mutual enemies. And friends, although they tend to be quieter. Down in the soil with the worms, there’s symbiotic relationships between trees and fungi, for example, out of our sight but keeping the world going.

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  8. A life chain, well captured. 🙂 Beautiful photos, especially of the pooches. 🙂

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  9. The cycle of animals and nature! Great photos, Anneli. I need a slingshot for the crows, too.

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  10. Lots of harassment happening there, Anneli. And how could you possibly leave the house without a camera. 🙂 The dogs cracked me up with the bowls in their mouths. Lol. Enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts. ❤

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  11. A lovely post filled with gorgeous captures! Last year we witnessed the taking of a baby robin by a crow and the parents sang the most exquisite song as their little one left the world, they didn’t fly away until their song was done, it was heartbreakingly beautiful to hear!

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  12. Wait. Your dogs bring you their bowls? Hahaha. They are so cute. And the robins are adorable. And the owl! And the rabbit! You are so good at this, Anneli!

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  13. Quite the start to your day and quite the chain reaction! Nice photos, love those robins and that rabbit.

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  14. I was applauding you loudly as you slingshot the crow away from the cute widdle Robins. But then, as you show us, who is shooing away the robins from the worms, or the owl from the widdle wabbit? Ahhhh, life.
    But still, you took some terrific photos, and I bet Mother Robin is grateful. xo

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    • Thanks, Pam. It wasn’t the first time I had to do my slingshot thing. As for shooing the owl away from the rabbit, I’m so tired of sharing my garden with the rabbits (so many of them!!) that I would like to find more rabbit fur on my lawn in the mornings after the owls have picked them up at night. I wouldn’t want to see it, as they are sweet little things, but a place can only take so many rabbits.
      Anyway, I hope the mother robing appreciates my efforts.

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  15. Very nice photos, Anneli. I appreciate your sharing the wildlife surrounding you! ❤

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