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Chilly Days


With a switch from southeast, the northwest wind brought that breeze that smells like polar bears. It breathed on the local hills and shocked the birds who had thought wind and rain were hard enough to endure.

(Bird pictures taken through my dirty windows. Sorry.)

Cold and hungry, they search out any source of food. Sure I have suet out, and the birdfeeders are always topped up, but something more is needed today.

Saskia, the pine siskin, catches a few rays of sunshine, out of the wind.

“Ahh! That feels so good on my feathers.”

She sits on a fir cone and decides that she likes the one next to her better.

“It’s a stretch,” she says, “but so worth it. Yikes! Nearly fell off.”

Orson (top left) mutters, “I don’t see anything.”

Saskia calls to him (bottom right), “Come on down here, Orson. Plenty of cones over here. Great bunches of them!”

Brother Sasha’s found a good one. “But whoah! The blood is all running to my head.”

What a showoff he is! “There’s plenty of cones down here,” Saskia calls to him, “and you don’t have to be an acrobat to get at them.”

“Ooh! Yum! Kind of like sticky caramel candies. I’ve got a good one here.”

The nights have suddenly gone cold,
If we don't eat, we won't get old,
With sunny rays, though they are rare,
The cold is easier to bear.

The fir trees shelter from the breeze,
And we can find the cones with ease,
Inside them is a sticky snack,
We eat them fast and then come back.

Our squirrel, Lincoln, loves them too,
But kindly he has left a few,
The polar wind is such a beast,
We hope it switches to southeast. 

A few more days of icy toes,
And then we hope that winter goes,
Around the corner, spring awaits,
Take heart and let's hang in there, mates.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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51 thoughts on “Chilly Days

  1. Those birds are so adorable, Anneli, the photo of him upside down is so fun. Your view across the bay and the mountain is so beautiful! ❤️🇨🇦

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  2. Beautiful imagery in the first line to describe the change in temperature! The landscape shot is wonderful too as well as the upside down acrobat 😊.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lincoln is so generous! Is that bird really upside down?!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “Chilly Days” calls for a large bowl of homemade Texas style chili.
    Happy Gardening

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  5. They are so cute – lovely photos. And I love your dialogue.

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  6. Watching those little birds makes Winter happier. I love the pictures and the little poem.

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  7. I love to watch the birds eat upside down on our thistle socks. Great shots!

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  8. Great bird shots Anneli, as usual. And I have to say your dirty windows are a lot cleaner than my non-dirty ones. Nice little poem too.

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  9. Great photos, poem and text! And what a fantastic view you’ve got from your window< Anneli.

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  10. Wonderful pictures, thank you! I like to watch those little feather balls in the winter.

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  11. Beautiful views near and far, Anneli. Here, we think our birds might still find enough food, but we feed them anyway – a lot. Oh, and that helps the squirrels, too. And our deer like a snack of bird feed, even if they get plenty of corn, “deer nuggets”, and Alfalfa.
    Take care and stay warm and healthy,

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  12. Lovely uplifting pictures. If you promise, Anneli, I will ‘take heart Mate’ and ‘hang in there!’

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  13. Great photos and verse. It was 11° here when I woke up this morning at 6 AM. I’m dreaming of spring as I look out my window at more than a foot of snow! But the birds are still chirping even in this weather.

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  14. “… smells like polar bears” – yep. Here too actually. Well, not by Canadian standards but it’s our coldest snap of the winter so far. I’m worrying about the birds because so many precious wild berry bushes were ripped out by thoughtless landowners last year, including lots of blackthorn that would normally help them through the winter. I’ve put apple and blueberries out in the garden which have attracted flocks.

    Love those little siskins!

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  15. Where do you know ‘smells like polar bears’? I wonder what that smell is like. Bird watching makes winter more delightful.

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  16. Those pictures are amazing!

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