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Stoned on the Beach

I hope I don’t offend anyone with this shocking bit of nudity, and I hope I don’t get arrested for posting this photo when I can’t give credit to its owner, but whoever you are, Mr. Photographer, you have given me a smile every time I look at this photo on my laptop. I wanted to share it to pass on the smiles.

Please don’t do anything to infringe on the photographer’s copyright, and I hope I’m not doing that myself. I’m not making money on it, but I sure have got a lot of smiles from it.

“This is just so cool,” he says,

“Lying on the beach.”

“Shame the blanket’s small and won’t,

Accommodate us each.”


“Sorry dear, I’ll move aside,

And have you seen my hat?”

“Typical,” she grumbles on,

“Men! They’re all like that.”


Soaking up the warming rays,

They drift into a dream,

He loves her and she loves him,

Always they’re a team.