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Harris’s Sparrow


Brr! That’s a cold wind. I think it’s coming from the north, from Canada. Might be bringing Montana snow soon.

But wait! What do I see over there? A door in the side of the hill? I wonder who lives there? Might they put out a bird feeder?

I’d check it out, but it’s awfully close to Halloween…. I hope it’s not a goblin hideout.

Harris sparrow braves the breeze

Teasing up a feather,

Tolerates the cold with ease,

Any kind of weather.


Food is easier to find

On the warmer days,

Winter is by far less kind,

He must change his ways.


Roots in cellars could be good,

Oh, to peek inside,

But the cellar’s sealedΒ  in wood,

With a door so wide.


Maybe it’s a lucky stroke,

Harris sits and thinks,

Really this is not a joke,

Something in there stinks.


Spooky, hidden, hillside cave,

Holds a vampire body,

Harris finds he’s not so brave,

Flies off chirping, “LAWDY!”


After midnight he’ll be bound

For a place serene,

While the ghouls go dancing round,

Spooky Halloween!





Author: wordsfromanneli

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45 thoughts on “Harris’s Sparrow

  1. Nice photos and poem, Anneli! Such a cute little birdie. I suppose that’s an outhouse.

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  2. What a cutie. I really like the second shot! Tough going as the days get colder.

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  3. He is a little cutie! Great photos. I hope all the birds find lovely safe winter spots with plenty to eat.

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  4. Anneli, this is such a cute bird! 😊 I love birds and I like to watch them in our garden. We have set up three bird feeders in different places in the garden. These are already being visited diligently…
    Anneli, stay happy and blessed!
    Greetings from Germany….Rosie 😊

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    • Thank you, Rosie. This bird was very friendly. Didn’t mind me being there. I’m glad to hear you have bird feeders up, ready to help our feathered friends through the winter.

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      • Anneli, we also have a little “hedgehog house” in our garden and are waiting for our hedgehog “Paul” to hibernate again. πŸ¦”πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

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        • Oh! That is so sweet. We don’t have them here except for a few cases where people have them as pets (but that’s rare). I do remember them from when I was a child in Germany. They are so cute! Paul – haha, that’s darling!

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        • Rosie, we can’t have bird feeders in our rental. But we live in a ground floor flat with direct access if the lawns and my neighbour ‘built’ a hedgehog shelter along her dividing wall. We had a large and young one last year and another two adults this year. But they are only twiddling by at night and sometimes they leave their stool on our patio. But only when we are away for 2 or more days….. happened twice already. They really really wanna make sure they are unobserved! Last year’s two were named Hector and Matthilde…. πŸ™ƒ

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          • Yes,Kiki, the hedgehogs sleep all day, our hedgehog “Paul” does that too. We once opened the lid of the hedgehog house and saw him sleeping in his “bedroom”. At dusk and at night he comes out and strolls through our garden. We have installed a wildlife camera so we can watch him in real time on our laptop.
            Greetings to “Hector” and “Mathilde” πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ…
            Rosie from Germany

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  5. I enjoyed your poem, Anneli. Aw…that cute little bird looks so cold!

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  6. Wonderful celebration, Anneli, of rural life and the oncoming winter. I enjoyed the poem and the Harris’s Sparrow, great fun.

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  7. Such a cute little bird and wonderful photos. I also thought it was an outhouse at first. Beautiful scenery.

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  8. Looks like he’s being whisked by the prairie wind! Not a species I recall seeing but I find identifying New World sparrows pretty tough at the best of times.

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  9. Love this ..beautiful poem . We saw a root celler in Newfoundland this summer.

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  10. When I lived in England. I bought a birds identification book. Wished since I had kept it, both living in France and now in Switzerland… he’s such a cutie πŸ’

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  11. I also meant to say that the sparrows I know are all not shy at all and they proudly pop their chest out like real grown up guys. I love them to bits. They are always cheerful too 😊

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  12. I love Harris! Hope you had a Happy Halloween, Anneli.

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  13. A very pretty bird and poem!

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  14. Delightful and fun poem! The props make for a harrowing Halloween: freezing weather, root cellar, and a hidden cave. Thirty years ago, my youngest daughter was born on November 1. Living in Montana at that time, we experienced one of the coldest Halloween’s ever. Due to Arctic temperatures and subzero wind chills, all festivities were cancelled.

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