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Where Am I?


HEY!? Where is everybody? Where is everything? Where am I?


What has happened to the sky?

I could ask the birds that fly,

If I only weren’t so shy,

Ask an owl, and I might die.



Overnight it disappeared,

Cloudy giant softly neared,

It’s exactly as I feared,

Weather here has been so weird.


Hard to see the limbs I climb,

Icy parts that slip like slime,

If I fall off just one time,

It would really be a crime.


Where’s the spot I hid that food?

Need to hunt, not in the mood,

Who knew winter was so crude?

Guess I’ll eat what’s partly chewed.


Half a fir cone hidden here,

For those days when it’s severe,

Surely spring will soon appear,

When it warms up, I will cheer.


Author: wordsfromanneli

Writing, travel, photography, nature, more writing....

23 thoughts on “Where Am I?

  1. Plenty of fog there, Lincoln! So cute. ❤️

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  2. He needs a little coat… poor little nugget.

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  3. Aw poor Lincoln. Fortunately the fog coincides with a few warmer temperatures.

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  4. Oh, Lincoln, thank you for your optimism about spring that will soon appear. Hang in there, little fellow! ❤

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  5. Poor little Lincoln! I hope he stays warm and safe. Fog is a good sign, little one. 🙂

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  6. Poor little lincoln. But I am sure he makes it over the winter, don´t worry Anneli.

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  7. It looks damp and chill but makes for nice photography and verse.

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  8. Weird NW weather, Anneli. Tomorrow it will be something else!

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  9. Now that’s a new perspective. I can imagine it’s very confusing!

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  10. Hang in there, Lincoln!

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  11. Oh dear, looks like one of those days when you can barely see the end of the branch! Squirrels need to ask bats about echo-location 🙂

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