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Caviar, anyone?


This Vancouver Island beach is very popular at this time of year. The western gulls flock here literally by the thousands.

What’s the attraction?

It’s not exactly a pretty, touristy beach of white sand.

But the gulls know what they’re after.

Lunch is being served. The gull in the top left of the photo below has a beak full of caviar.

It’s herring time and the roe is all over the beach. Gourmet dining at its finest.

A word to the wise: if you are walking this stretch of beach at herring time, it might be a good idea to bring an umbrella even if it’s not raining. When the gulls get riled up and are wheeling overhead, some of them can’t always contain their excitement. Best to have that umbrella ready.

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32 thoughts on “Caviar, anyone?

  1. Wow, that’s a huge food party in progress! An umbrella sounds like a much-needed item, better to not be hit with gull bombs… 😂

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  2. Ein Festessen für die Möwen, da wäre ein Schirm angebracht 😂

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  3. Maybe wear a hooded rain coat too!

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  4. Wow. Not that’s a flock!!!

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  5. I’ll remember the umbrella. Wh0 knew I’d have a use for that again.

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  6. Quite the buffet. Good tip too!

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  7. They are having quite a feast! And thanks for the tip. 🙂

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  8. Must be noisy on the beach this time of the year. Don´t go there with a dog and no umbrella!

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  9. Good advice, Anneli! I will bring my umbrella just in case.


  10. The umbrella is a necessity!

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  11. Gah. A beach to leave to the gulls at this time of year, Anneli. Fascinating life cycles in nature, and an occasional need for an umbrella to endure them.

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  12. Interesting! Who’d be a herring. At all parts of its life cycle, things are desperate to eat it!

    Do you get sneaker waves on those beaches?

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  13. That’s brilliant. I bet the noise is incredible!

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