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Stop Picking on Me!


“Hey! Squirrel! What’re you lookin’ at?”

“Wow! Does it hurt? You know … where the feathers are missing on top of your head.”

“Nah … Gets a little cool and wet when it’s rainy, and I got a sunburn the other day, but otherwise, it just lets air get to my head.”

“So does that mean you’re an airhead?”

“Course not! And stop picking on me.”

“Looks like someone else was picking on you. What happened?”

“I don’t know for sure, but some big bird dive bombed me when I was so focused on getting the bugs out of a tree and I forgot to look up every few seconds. See the holes where he tried to grab me?”

“Yeah! That’s amazing. What are you going to do about it? About the hair loss, I mean. I’ve heard Rogaine is supposed to work.”

“It’ll grow back soon enough on its own. I figure if I stay up higher than anyone else and keep my head up, no one can see the damage to my helmet. That way I can keep the incident under my hat.”

“Good luck with that. I can see the bald spot from here.

And you know I’m a chatterbox … but I’ll try to be nice. No promises though.”

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36 thoughts on “Stop Picking on Me!

  1. This is so fun, Anneli! Lincoln looks so cute. ☺️

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  2. What a terrific post, Anneli! And the poor bird – it really does look like someone bigger tried to chomp his head! Lincoln is adorable.

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  3. The actors are looking like they really say those words. Especially on the last picture where the squirrel says, you know I´m a chatterbox. I am still laughing, sweet post!

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  4. Sehr lustig 😂 Die Haarpracht wird nachwachsen, er sollte aber aufpassen, mit wem er streitet 😍

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  5. He doesn’t miss a trick 😊. Sweet take and shots.


  6. Put this as a tickler on your calendar to let us know how he does.

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  7. I gather they do? Does it take a long time?

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  8. Maybe if the sapsucker bribes the squirrel into silence with some nuts or something 😉

    Did you see the bird attack? I’ve got a blackbird in my garden at the moment which has lost lots of feathers. It’s moulting season for birds in the UK but this looks pretty dramatic. I think it might either have survived a predator or be suffering from feather mites.


    • No, I didn’t see what happened to it, but it looks like there’s a hole or a peck mark (hard to tell from that photo). It could be self-inflicted if he was scratching at mites. I know the squirrels are always scratching at some little mites (or something) in their fur.

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  9. Very entertaining post, Anneli! The photos are wonderful and you’ve really captured their conversation beautifully. I just love Lincoln. He really is so sweet.

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  10. That was adorable! I do hope the feathers on his head grow back.

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  11. What a delightful picture story, Anneli! You could create a children’s book worth publishing with all the other stories.

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  12. The saga continues! The conversation brings extra smiles. Thanks Anneli.


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