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Mum’s the Word


Imagine these flowers as the size of a potted chrysanthemum that a friend brought me as a hostess gift about a year ago; maybe a five-inch potted plant.

The potted plant looked so pretty and I thought what a shame that the flowers would soon die and that would be the end of it. But later when the blooms wilted, I put the pot outside and cut back the dead flowers. Out on the deck, I kept the worst of the frost off the plant all winter.

In the spring it got new green growth and wanted to be a tall plant. I should have cut it back, but didn’t, so it got a bit leggy.

But look how it bloomed in spite of me!  Next spring I’ll try to keep it pruned better and who knows, I might get even more flowers – if that is even possible.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful way to remember a friend. I smile whenever I look at this mum.

If you should want to please a chum,

Just give them a chrysanthemum,

These yellow blooms are like the sun,

They tend to cheer up everyone.


A hostess gift that stayed alive

And has a strong will to survive,

It blooms for such a long, long while,

Eliciting a frequent smile.




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31 thoughts on “Mum’s the Word

  1. What a rescue, Anneli, very beautiful! ❤️

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  2. Its so nice to keep a plant alive. I never tried to resecue a chrysanthemum but this year |I give it a try. |I love them because nothing else really blooms at this time in the year.
    Thanks for the happy flowers and the little poem.


    • That’s exactly right, Ursula. Not much else blooms so late and I love that the chrysanthemums come back every year. As long as they don’t get too hard a freeze, they should be okay. A cool porch should be fine for them. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


  3. Meine gelbe Chrysantheme wird auch in den Garten wandern. Gut geschützt und beschnitten. Mal schauen, was daraus wird!

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  4. What a beautiful plant you have there. I have a chrysanthemum in a pot as well, and every year it pops in to say hello. Such a lovely plant that brightens up the garden. I think I need to bring it onto the patio before it gets much colder out there.

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    • That’s right, Sonja. They can take some cold, but I always like to cover them up or better yet, bring them into someplace that’s frost free. It’s so nice to have a bit of colour so late in the year.


  5. What a wonderful memory, Anneli. I’m sure your friend would be thrilled.

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  6. Beautiful post and great advice, Anneli.

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  7. They’re are beautiful. How nice to keep on enjoying them.

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  8. How pretty and unexpected for you. Very nice. Shows what I know. If I saw those growing in a yard, I’d think they were daisies. My citrus chrysanthemums look nothing like those.

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  9. What a coincidence! My wife had one potted chrysanthemum left out on our deck. The night before we had our first frost, she took it inside her cabin because it was ready to bloom. In thankfulness, this plant started to bloom only two days later.

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  10. Beautiful! In the photo it looks like you have two plants or is there just one? Great that it’s done so well. I love how you nurtured it and it kept right on growing. A good metaphor for life.


    • It’s one plant, but it’s almost three feet high and very leggy. The one stem is leaning out quite a bit. If I had shown the pot as well, you would be able to see that, but the lower leaves are already turning yellow so I cut the picture off so that doesn’t show. As for nurturing it, I love that about plants – when you look after them, they thank you over and over.

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  11. How beautiful, Anneli, and isn’t it a great feeling to save a plant? I love yellows, reds, and oranges because of their cheerfulness and vibrancy. I’m sure your friend will be thrilled, and your poem is perfect.

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  12. Lovely! Cheerful and hearty, and very pretty.

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  13. You captured freshness and spread to all of us.

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  14. Mums are a hardy treasure for any gardener. Growing up, I witnessed my Mom’s mums return every spring, and by fall their colors were a welcome sight.

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