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Dickie’s New Year’s Resolution


Folks! Dickie here. I wasn’t going to make a New Year’s resolution, but something happened to change my mind. I’m sorry to tell you we’ve got thieves in the woodshed. Well, at the very least, they’re freeloaders.

Here’s what happened. Flossie and Flora Flicker and their brother Floyd were checking out breakfast joints….

“I’ve been picking at the ground for those ant eggs and beetles, but they’ve all gone into hiding,” said Flossie.

“Give it up. I know a better place,” called Flora.

“What did you say?” Flossie shouted. “I had my head in the sand there for a minute. Didn’t hear what you said.”

“I said, Flossie, there are easier ways to get a meal around here. Your brother, Floyd has already gone to look. So, are you interested?”


“I know the sunflower seeds are stashed around here, in the woodpile,” Floyd mumbled. “I bet Rufus Towhee knows where they are, but he hasn’t been very helpful.”

“I was just about to tell Floyd about the sunflower seeds in the jar,” said Rufus, “but then he found this big ugly bug. I just had to turn my back. Can’t stand to watch him crunching away on it.”

“And now for dessert!”

“I do feel a little bit bad, eating Dickie’s sunflower seeds. He’ll be so disappointed when he sees they’re gone.”

“Oh deardeardear! They found my stash. And Floyd is bigger than I am. Did you see that spear of a beak on him?  Well … lesson learned. My first New Year’s resolution – I’m going to have to start getting up earlier and get my share.”


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29 thoughts on “Dickie’s New Year’s Resolution

  1. I just love these posts, Anneli! The photos of the cuties are beautiful and you word the story so perfectly! ❤️☺️ It’s so nice that you put some food out for them too.


  2. Looks like a good resolution Dickie. You can’t let those flickers get away with your stash. Stick with it.

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  3. I just finished a complicated spreadsheet. This is exactly what I needed to relax.

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  4. These are all cuties Anneli. They are so happy with you. Anita

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  5. These posts are wonderful, Anneli. Thanks for putting them together and sharing. Seeing your little furred and feathered friends always lightens my day. Cheers.

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  6. Poor little Dicky, he has to share some of his sunflower seeds. But those very pretty flickers have to eat too. It is so much fun to read about what they have to say to each other, love it!

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    • He’ll just have to set his alarm clock and get up earlier, I guess. Luckily he has enough other food available. But yes, all the animals and birds are wanting to get whatever food they can. Thanks for your visit and comment, Ursula.


  7. Anneli, a perfect start to my day and your post leaves me smiling! I love the story and the cute pictures … scenes matching my garden as the small birds are feasting on the sunflower seeds in the feeders which I fill up every day at the moment! 😀

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  8. Sweet shots, I love that little squirrel. He’ll have to get up pretty early in the morning…

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  9. All the drama, Anneli. It’s like a soap opera out there! Beautiful photos as always. Thanks for feeding the fauna. 🙂

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  10. Your post, as all these posts of your “neighbors,” is so charming, Anneli. I love these guys. Your photos are just gorgeous. And I can’t stop thinking about ant eggs. I need to look those up.

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    • Wiki says: Escamoles, or ant eggs, is a traditional Mexican ingredient that tastes like nothing you’ve ever eaten.
      Anneli says: I’ll pass.
      But I’m so glad you like my menagerie. Tnx, Luanne.


  11. Dickie, you certainly need to get up earlier. Those beaks are scary looking and can find the good stuff to eat.


  12. I can always use some encouragement from Dickie! Perhaps the reason I wake up before Mrs. Buckeye is to be sure to drink as much coffee as possible before she wants a cup.

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