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Who Says There’s No Free Lunch?


“Floyd! You’ve been at the suet block forever!” says Johnny Junco. “Don’t you think you should give me a turn?”

“Bah! Go eat the seeds I drop,” says Floyd.

Rufus and his Missus zoom in as soon as Floyd takes a break.  “How is it?” asks Rufus.

“A lot of fat before you can get to the good stuff,”  she says.

“Well, why don’t you get right into the cage?” Rufus says. “You’re slim enough.”

“Why thank you,” the Missus says. “How kind of you to say so. I hadn’t thought of that. But you stand guard in case Floyd or his girlfriend, Bossy Flossie, comes back.”

“I guess I’ll just have to pick at what drops on the ground,” Johnny says. “Those guys are just too big for me to take on. But at least there’s something for everyone.”

If you’re big and rough and tough,

When you eat you’ll get enough,

But if you’re a little guy,

You must wait, or stand and cry.



That’s the way the real world works,

First come bullies, then the jerks,

Dainty birds like us must wait,

Sadly this has been our fate.



At the feeder we can find,

That someone has been so kind,

Now there’s food to feed us all,

Whether we are big or small.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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44 thoughts on “Who Says There’s No Free Lunch?

  1. So sweet, Anneli! I love tiny birds. ❤️☺️

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  2. Great post Anneli. You have to wonder how the birds survive in the wild at -30C, if nobody feeds them. Happy Friday the 13th. Allan

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  3. Another impressive photo-story-poetry highlight from the Island!

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  4. That’s adorable! The little juncos are so cute. Is your weather any better than it was?

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  5. I bet that’s exactly what they’re thinking, Anneli!

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  6. Aw, those poor sweethearts! I can see Anneli out there running interference haha.

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  7. It´s so much fun to read about what your birds are talking together.
    I love it!

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  8. I noticed your comment about not running interference. That can be tough, but it’s a lesson I’ve had to learn. Sometimes I can’t help myself, though: like when a boy mallard decides it’s time to make babies with a female in the middle of a concrete parking lot. Talk about a bully!

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  9. I love the junco! We have so many this winter.

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  10. Great photos, Anneli, and a wonderful poem. I laughed at “That’s the way the real world works, / First come bullies, then the jerks,”
    So true. Thank goodness for people who feed the little guys too.

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  11. You do provide a nice spread. Sweet poem as always.

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  12. Dear Anneli
    We can see the same at our feeders as well. Your poem is GREAT!
    Keep well
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  13. Great pictures and story, Anneli.

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  14. Anneli, thank you for sharing some sunshine on another winter day. I’m sure your feathered visitors appreciate your kindness.

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  15. Another poem for your book. Yay! And I’m amazed the bird was brave enough to go inside the ‘cage.’ Thank goodness she didn’t get stuck. Our suet feeder has smaller wire boxes, so no one could get in there. And the wood peckers seem to wait patiently on our (high) deck til it’s their turn. No bullies! (Well, maybe the Flicker is…) BTW, when I hit your name on my blog (where you commented) the gravatar website doesn’t connect. You might want to check that. I googled your name to get here!!) xo

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  16. Great to see all the action at your suet feeder, Anneli. Fun photos. Boy, it is so nice to feed the birds in the midst of the frigid winter weather, that’s wonderful.

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  17. So cute, Anneli – both the story, poem and photos! The small birds are tenacious and yet seem to work cooperatively! We make sure to have lots of seeds out for them this time of year and they give us so much joy to watch them and yes, creating dialogues for them! 😀

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  18. Anneli he is such a sweetie. Anita

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