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Bossie’s Depression


“Prince Goldie,” said White Betty. “Just look here.  First rays of sunshine this year, and I think Bossie Betty is depressed. She’s dug herself a hole so deep she’ll never get out. Can’t you make her get up?”

“She doen’t seem to be listening to me. Not paying attention to the pecking order at all,” Goldie said. “I tried crowing and she just scrunched her eyes shut and ducked her head down.”

“Ooooh! That’s bad, if she’s ducking. She doesn’t even know she’s a chicken anymore. Well, that’s just ducky! I give up on her. I’m leaving.”

“Aw, c’mon! Don’t chicken out, Betts. We can’t just leave her there.”

“Don’t you worry, my pretty Bossie Betty. I’ll stay with you. Right here in this nice sunny spot … ahhhh…. Oh, this is ni-i-i-ice. No wonder you didn’t want to move,” crowed Goldie. “So warm! And the earth smells so wonderful, so dry and aromatic after a winter of wet muck. Yes, I could get used to this.”


“Would you like to go bowling, Goldie?” Bossie asked.


“Yes. Dust bowling. It’s like a beautiful bath and the sun warms you at the same time.”

“I see what you mean, Bossie.  Ah yes, it’s fit for a prince. Better than playing in a mud puddle, that’s for sure.”


The chickens squawked out a rhyme today:

After weeks of muck and rain,

Icy cold, depression, pain,

I can see the sun again,

Winter doldrums start to wane.


Nothing like some rays of sun,

Pecking grubs outdoors is fun,

Tasty food for everyone,

Sunshine ’til the day is done.


Bathing in a bowl of dust,

Getting cleaner is a must,

With my hairdo I have fussed,

Now it’s cleaner, only just.


We are happier today,

Sun is out and we can play,

Hope that this will be the way

Sunshine finds us every day.

Author: wordsfromanneli

Writing, travel, photography, nature, more writing....

32 thoughts on “Bossie’s Depression

  1. Chickens are cute, did you get some fresh eggs, Anneli?

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  2. Your chickens look pretty in the bright sun. I don’t know much about chickens, why is she deep in the dirt?

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    • These are my friend’s chickens, but the dirt thing is what many species of birds do. They “poof” dust over themselves, especially under their wings, to clean their feathers and to get rid of mites and little insects that want to live on them. They get all dusty and then they shake their feathers and little bits of skin and organic feather material fall off and they are cleaner. Something like that.

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  3. These chickens caught my attention. Very photogenic. Anita

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  4. These are mighty handsome chickens. Just today I went over to a nearby town where I’d heard a guy was selling eggs. He has quite a flock, and is producing a lot of eggs from equally good-looking and apparently happy hens. I bought two dozen extra large fresh-from-the-hen eggs, and the first thing I noticed is how heavy those eggs were. I can’t wait to use them.

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  5. My mother raised chickens. One of my jobs growing up was to go to the henhouse in the morning for eggs. In the winter it was always so warm and had (as I remember it from childhood) a sort of feathery smell. I recognize this behaviour; my mom’s chickens used to do that too. Nice that you finally have some good weather. Cheers.

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  6. Not just those chickens relishing the warm sunshine I bet. 😊. Sweet post!

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  7. Wonderful to see the chickens enjoying the sun, Anneli, and fun words.

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  8. Delightful narrative and poetry! Sometimes we humans think like these chickens as the wintertime blues set in. Thank goodness for a brief respite from winter. Groundhog Day is quickly approaching. Perhaps these chickens have received insider information.

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  9. I’ve never seen a chicken dig itself into the ground. Is there a Chapter 2 to this story?

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  10. Your chicken post is so much fun to read and to look at the pictures. The peacock takes those dust baths in our yard when the soil is dry, soft and warm. Unfortunately he does that under the rosebushes and leaves big, deep holes back.
    Did you know that Betty Bossie writes recipe books in Switzerland? I almost have all of them and follow her recipes which are very good.

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  11. Having read all the comments and your responses, I am now well-informed about chickens. I like your poem very much, Anneli.

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  12. I love Goldie and Bossie! Here’s to warm weather!

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  13. Whose chickens are those? Did you start a coop? Ahh, how nice to have sunshine. We’ve only seen the sun twice in one month. It was supposed to peek today, but nope. Snow came over the last few days. Ground is covered and skies are gray. 😕🥶

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    • These chickens belong to a friend who has some acreage and keeps a flock of birds. She raises her own chicks as well as buying pullets sometimes. They are the happiest chickens I’ve ever seen. They lay a lot of eggs so she sells them to keep her friends happy too, and to help cover the cost of chicken feed.

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