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Mystery Bird


A short time ago I had a mystery beetle to identify, but this week, it’s a mystery bird. We don’t often get brightly coloured songbirds here, so when this yellow bird landed on the fencing of my garden, I rushed to get the camera. I barely had time to find the bird in my viewfinder when it took off. Hence the blurry photo.

Later it came back and, again, I rushed to get the camera. Again it was a blurry photo, and the bird immediately flew away.

I snapped wildly in the general direction of the bird’s flight and thought, at first, that I had missed it. But when I zoomed in on the photo, I found it in the top right-hand corner. It’s too tiny to see what it is, so I saved a zoomed photo of that part that I circled below.

It’s still blurry, but it was enough that I could see the colours of the back and the wing markings.

I’ve determined that it is an American goldfinch.

If it ever sits still for longer than a few seconds, I might someday get a clearer picture of it. Meanwhile, it sang to me:


I heard that your birdfeeder has some good seeds,

They’re oh so delicious for filling my needs.

You want to take pictures of me in your yard,

But sitting still long is quite risky  and hard.


I’ve seen that big hawk that is hanging around,

I make it my mission that I won’t be found.

It’s why I’m so  nervous and seem to be flighty,

But when I sit still long, the danger is mighty.


So snap away quickly before I must leave,

I know, if I’m dead, just how much you will grieve.

I’ll fly away happy and singing a song,

I’ll say hello quickly and then I am gone.

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38 thoughts on “Mystery Bird

  1. Yes, you are right. That is a goldfinch. I used to get many of them in summer when I lived in Medicine Hat. They love niger seed; that will attract them and other finches such as the little red polls and purple finches. They all get along well and are a very colourful and busy bunch.

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  2. Beautiful bird! My first thought was it might have been a grosbeak, but their beak is much more stubby and thicker looking. I have had a few appear in our area over the last month or so. I love them!

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    • YES, that’s what I thought too when I saw the beak, but then I saw the back and it looks just like the goldfinch in my birdbook. I wish some grosbeaks would visit here. They’re so cool.


  3. Another fun poem, Anneli, I’m glad that you found which specie he or she is. ❤️

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  4. We see very few gold finches here. Nice that you saw this one and too bad they don’t sit around waiting for us to snap their photo Anneli. Allan


  5. Such a pretty bird and a sweet poem to match it. 🙂

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  6. How beautiful. I knew right away that it was a goldfinch! I love finches so much.

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  7. That is a beautiful bird, Anneli. Greetings from America!

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  8. It certainly looks like a Goldfinch to me, but I’m no birder. We rarely get to see them in their breeding colors, so it’s always a treat to see that bright gold when they’re farther north.

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  9. He looks so exotic, I wish I could have such a beautiful finch in my garden Nice little poem:

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    • Thanks, Ursula. For us, living in the northern parts, it’s pretty special to see these colourful birds, but for people in warmer countries it’s probably not a big deal. Anyway, it makes me happy and I’m glad you like the poem. Thanks.


  10. They are quite common here but I’ve yet to see one this spring 😏. I’m glad one paid you a visit.

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  11. I think it’s a goldfinch. Lovely poem, Anneli!

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  12. You were persistent! I’m glad you have a new visitor to your feeder. I wonder if he’ll stay. 🙂

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  13. Beautiful bird, and I’m glad you found out the species. I was thinking some kind of a finch before I read further. Love your poem too, Anneli.

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  14. Very pretty, and much more ‘golden’ than the Eurasian goldfinch. I have seen a few of them, in Sask I think.

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  15. Love gold finches but I only see them in my front garden. I’ve tried to invite them with nygela seeds but so far they refuse to move into back garden.

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  16. Definitely looks like a goldfinch. It is beautiful.

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  17. Delightful verses! Anneli, I enjoyed how you used this opportunity to find out who this mystery bird is. I appreciate the morning chorus from the birds near me.

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