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More Market Goodies

This is the last of three Farmers’ Market posts.

We’d all like to have our vegetables grown without chemical poisons to kill unwanted insects and weeds, but we can’t all have our own vegetable garden. The next best thing is to buy your vegetables at the Farmers’ Market. You’ll get organically grown vegetables with flavour that you have probably all but forgotten existed in a vegetable.

How about some novelty carrots?  Maybe you had a special dinner for Easter? Maybe the Easter bunny got carried away and painted these carrots. I’m told they taste just like the orange carrots but they add a great splash of colour and more nutrients to your meal.

Researchers in Wisconsin are working to develop and promote these colour phases in carrots. Here is what the various coloured carrots are said to provide:

  • Orange: Beta and alpha carotene pigment. Vitamin A for healthy eyes.
  • Purple: Anthocyanin, beta and alpha carotene pigment. Additional vitamin A, and said to help prevent heart disease.
  • Red: Lycopene and beta-carotene pigment. Lycopene is the same red pigment that gives tomatoes their deep color and is linked to a lower risk of certain cancers, such as prostate cancer.
  • Yellow: Xanthophykks and lutein. Both are linked to cancer prevention and better eye health.
  • White: The nutrients don’t come from the pigment but from the fiber, which promotes healthy digestion.

Need a good bowl, door stop, or rolling pin? Choose from these beautiful handmade products.

Or maybe you’d like to have a handmade wooden box to keep special things in? Each box is a work of art, lovingly polished by the artist.

Perhaps you have a special place in your house or garden that needs a piece of metal sculpture to highlight it. Not only are choices available on the table, but also on the post to the right where the man is standing.

So many things to choose from. If you need some time to think, why not take a load off your feet and sit down to listen to the band playing right by the market stands.

If you’re feeling too chilly, the Espresso and Deli shop is right next to the band’s stage. Pop over and grab a  quick bite and a cup of coffee to bring over to the band area. Bundle up your coat, sip your hot coffee and enjoy the music.

Who knew that a chilly spring day could be so much fun?

Special Delivery

Recently I listened to some of the UN speeches on TV. I like to have the closed captioning feature turned on in case I miss anything they said. I found out that some countries like Cuba, Venezuela, and a couple of others have their food brought in from very far away. Now, I must stress that only a few countries are doing this.

Apparently they have a UFO bringing potatoes in from some other planet, or maybe even from another galaxy. But why just them? Well, the closed captioning said it’s because they have …

a dics tater ship. Honestly! That’s what the closed captioning said: “These countries pretend to have a democracy when in fact they have a disc tater ship.”

I always KNEW there was life beyond our Earth!

La Conner Tulip Festival

Picture 116

This is a good time of year to visit the quaint town of La Conner, Washington.  The town itself is worth the visit but the tulips are something else. Fields and fields of tulips bloom in late March and April, hence the Tulip Festival.

Picture 114

Walking along the edge of the tulip fields I admired the colourful blooms of the many types of tulips. I thought about the work involved in planting and caring for them.  I had never seen so many flowers in one place.

Picture 117

The surprise and biggest treat of all was what I discovered as I walked back on the other side of the fields. The slight breeze was now blowing the fragrance of the tulips towards me instead of away from me. Until that moment I hadn’t known that tulips had a  fragrance. And how delicate it was! That experience alone was worth the trip.

Picture 115

But of course there were other senses to be satisfied. As our stomachs growled my buddies and I found a funky old-fashioned cafe and bakery that served the most modern homemade-style lunches. Healthy and delicious. I didn’t remember when I had last enjoyed a restaurant meal so much. If you go there, be prepared to stand in line. It’s a popular place  but well worth the wait.

Picture 100

Calico Cupboard Cafe and Bakery

Later when it was time to walk off the bakery goodies we had for dessert, a stroll through town of La Conner had us exclaiming, “Oh look at this,” and “Oh, look at that!” Even if we hadn’t bought anything it was a treat to see the old-fashioned buildings and items that evoked nostalgia in us all day long. We were amazed at the way the town has maintained its historic image. You’d think you were in the wild west, minus the mud and cow dung.

Arts and crafts were on display and  for sale everywhere in the many gift shops and we didn’t have to spend a fortune, although we could have if we had been serious customers looking for the big ticket items. There’s something for every budget here.

When I came home from the day at La Conner my mind was buzzing with all the beautiful things I had experienced. All of my senses had had a workout.

  • The sight of the artwork in La Conner, and the beautiful flowers in the fields.
  • The smell of the tulips, so delicate and sweet.
  • The sound of happy people bustling around the sunny streets of town.
  • The taste of a wholesome savoury lunch.
  • The touch of the silky scarf my friend bought for me.

No wonder I could hardly sleep that night even though I was tired right out.

If you’d like to find out more about La Conner, visit the webpage at this link:

Maybe you can visit La Conner sometime and have as much fun as I did.