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Quilted Tote Bag

Last February at the quilting retreat, one of the ladies had made this beautiful tote bag which my friend and I admired a lot. It had two big side pockets, one on each side of the bag.

After the retreat, my friend got right to work and made a bag from the same pattern. The one pictured below is the second one she has made. I admire her for making a second one after I learned how much work it was to make the first.

She encouraged me to make one too, offering her help (which I would definitely need). We had two sewing days at her house and I was still slow-poking along, but with her help through the hard parts, I managed to finish the bag (below).

For buttons I used the ones the Captain made for me about 43 years ago from deer antlers he had found. Since they are purely decorative, it doesn’t matter that they are not uniform in size or shape.

The bag is reinforced with “Soft and Stable” and this batting lives up to its name.

I struggled with sewing this bag and swore I would not make a second one, but now that it’s done and I have more of an idea what I’m doing, I may reconsider this.

Like anything in life, “It’s easy once you know how.”


Return of the Bag Lady

I’m still working on improving my handbags. None is perfect, but each one is unique and fun to make. Last count I think I had made about 15 bags and have given most of them away. I really enjoy making them because I never know how they’ll look when they’re done. Each one is different. Often they are made with scraps of interesting material – small pieces that are not much good for larger projects but are perfect for patchwork.

Making the bags gets easier each time. The bag on the left was more expensive than the others. It cost me two broken sewing machine needles when I was impatiently “driving” over the heavier parts.


I just finished the brown one today and am already wondering what the next bag will look like.