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Good or Bad?


When I found this beetle sitting on the underside of our deck railing, I decided to catch him in a glass. Now what? Having captured him, I felt responsible for him.

Do I let him go? Is he a good bug or a bad one? What if he’s harmful to the trees, as I’d heard  on the news just the other day? Do I have to kill this bug and save the forests of the world?  I had heard about Asian longhorn beetles. Was this one of them?

But who put me in charge of the insect world?  What conceit for me to assume I had the right to make a life and death decision for this insect.

I looked up information on this beetle and discovered that this was a banded alder borer (rosalia funebris) of the longhorn beetle family.

As adults, they eat flowers (well, I didn’t like to hear about that so much, but it was better than eating a tree), and the larvae of the beetle eat the decayed wood in which the eggs were laid. Not much of a threat at all.

The banded alder borer is not prolific here, and is not going to kill the trees around my house.

He had spent enough time as my prisoner. I lifted the paper cover from the glass. The beetle seemed eager to fly away, and yes, you guessed it. He flew right onto a flower bed I had planted this spring, where I’m sure he had a good lunch.

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27 thoughts on “Good or Bad?

  1. Boy, he sure is a unique looking critter, isn’t he?

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  2. Can’t say I’m fond of any insects and I wouldn’t be keen to capture one.

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  3. Wow! He has an interesting anatomy!

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  4. My, but that’s a good-looking beetle 🙂

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  5. Maybe he’s so pretty because he eats flowers?

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  6. I like the line, “Having captured him, I felt responsible for him.” Your inner self shines through loud and clear!

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  7. Wow- he sure is pretty, and I have the very same thoughts over bugs… that turn into thoughts about bugs, the universe, and everything!

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  8. Good for you, Anneli. These poor guys have to eat just like everyone else. I’ve seen them every now and then in our garden as well. Good to know just what they are.

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  9. A very pretty bug. As long as you don´t have a whole army of them in your garden, it’s okay to let him go. Maybe he is some good food for birds?

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  10. A beautiful bug 🙂
    We must respect ALL life.
    Life is Good !

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  11. Those insects are a lot more resilient than us. And their life spans are often extremely short. You didn’t kill him but nature might have in another day or two.

    Loved the story of how you thought through this.

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    • Thanks, Jacqui. I find I’m doing that more and more as I get older. Life becomes more precious when you realize you can no longer take anything for granted. Meanwhile, I plan to enjoy as much of it as I can. Happy North America Day to all of us, btw.


  12. I just got a shiver from the creepy crawlies. How ’bout a spider? Would you have done the same?

    I just found a bug in my smoothie drink that I made today! We’ve been finding these weird creepy looking fellows around the house lately. We’ve been spraying the house often, and still finding them. I wonder if the digging up for our new patio stirred these things up. I’ve been finding them in my new flower garden, too. BTW, I actually have a thriving rose plant!! ME! I’ve told you I have NO green thumb, so I’m just thrilled. My other flowers are not sure if they want to continue on or not. They go back and forth. I may need to ask for advice on this.

    Hmm, I didn’t mean to go on. I just typed out what popped in my head. 🤪

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    • LOL. Type away, Lori. Always glad to read your thoughts. A spider you ask? NO!! But a spider is not an insect, so that puts it right smack dab in the horror department. And yes, I would bet that you’ve stirred up the ground in your patio work. It may take a while for the critters to find new homes.

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