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Over, Under, Upside Down


I wanted to show you the water lily, but I ended up studying the photo and seeing all kinds of crazy things.

I’m in the boat (you see the edge of the aluminium skiff at the bottom of the photo), and over the water. The lily is over, on, under, and above the water.  But what is that big hill doing, hanging upside down from the top of the photo?

Once I started looking at the way the lily was growing, I was quite fascinated by the roots on the lake floor, the stems reaching for the surface of the water (some unsuccessfully, so far), and the leaves floating on the surface, some of them half sunk, others lifting up, yet others lying flat on the bottom of the lake.

And then there are the two flowers that are really only one plus a reflection.

The longer I looked the more I could see.

And to think that at first glance I thought it was just a boring weed in bloom.

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32 thoughts on “Over, Under, Upside Down

  1. Just so so lovely!

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  2. Fantastic pictures, Anneli. They certainly excite your imagination.

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  3. You exquisitely worded the joy that is nature–really enjoyed this post, Anneli.

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  4. Isn’t nature amazing, Anneli!

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  5. The wondrous side of nature.

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  6. The last photo’s water reminds me of a quilt fabric…great background for an actual quilt, eh?

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  7. Reflections are astonishing, intricate detail and limitless image to be involved with. Great photography, could win a prize. thanks for sharing nature in her creativity.

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    • Thanks, Marsha. I didn’t really notice all that was in this picture until I posted it. When I was looking at the real thing at the lake, I think I felt the “whole thing” beauty of it, but didn’t (couldn’t) take in all the details.


  8. Often, beauty lies in the details…… 🙂

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  9. You have captured the stillness of nature beautifully in these photos. So serene.

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  10. A remarkable plant. Nothing ordinary about it.

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  11. I love the leaves and flowers with their reflections!

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  12. Thanks, T. It was one of the prettier scenes at the lake.

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  13. Love the multi-dimensional angle! All scenes in nature contain depth to surprise us, if we look long enough. Nice post 🙂

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  14. Nice reflective post!❤️

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  15. Often we must look below, above and all around in life to understand the full meaning.
    Beautiful photograph.

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