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The Maple Leaf is not “Forever”


I went to the wharf to make sure the boat had weathered the weather. It is tougher than I am, withstanding the first system of wind and rain that marks the end of this summer.

On the way home I took a small detour to dash out onto the beach for a photo. After many wipes of the lens I got a couple of wettish pics to show what kind of day it is.


Thoroughly dampened, I drove home, but couldn’t resist taking a picture of this very old house on the way. Too bad the upper windows and the skylight are a modern style. They don’t quite go with the rockwork, but it’s still a unique house. Not just the huge chimneys, but even the walls are made of rock.

As I pulled into my own driveway a few minutes later, I saw a pretty, bittersweet sight — a maple leaf landed on my car, marking the end of summer and proving once again that, contrary to the old Canadian motto, the maple leaf is not forever.


But it will come again in the spring.

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38 thoughts on “The Maple Leaf is not “Forever”

  1. Rather gray day here too. Summer is over. That’s a beautiful house and what a pretty leaf.

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  2. Here in Germany at the end of summer, there are no maple leaves to come down, but the sweaters will go on 🙂

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  3. What a lovely post this is! Yes, fall is setting in and then winter is around the corner. But the good thing is that after this horrible winter time the beautiful spring is following again. The maple leaf is a very pretty sign of fall.

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  4. It’s still summer here.
    Stay warm, and have a nice weekend,

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  5. You painted such a vivid picture of the day and mood there- I could feel it!

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  6. With temps in the upper 90’s and oppressive humidity, autumn hasn’t arrived quite yet. I enjoyed your photos, Anneli.

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  7. Simply stunning in thoughts and images.

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  8. Lovely post, Anneli. We have those maple leaves already changing color, too. The old house is a treat to see, even if the upper windows are newer.

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  9. I prefer weather- driven activity on the beach, so your photos emit a great vitality to me at least!
    Enjoy your ‘First Day of Maple Leaf Falling’!

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  10. You have a beautiful home Anneli.

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  11. It certainly looks like the end of summer there. Nice shots.
    We’re still enjoying a lot of sun though the temps are beginning to drop.

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  12. Love this post and all the photos that went with it.

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  13. Uh-oh, here comes fall. Haven’t noticed any changing here yet. I’m hoping they hold off for a couple more weeks. BTW, that really is a cool looking house. The beach looked misty. Nice photos.

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