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Winter’s Frosty Breath


It’s only October, but this farm scene would make a perfect Christmas card.

The shrubs in the distance have a frosting on them that is making the little ground squirrels living under them shiver.

Here is plenty of fuel to keep someone warm – someone far away, wherever this train is going.

The clumps of sagebrush and other grasses have been coated by winter’s frosty breath, giving them a designer look.

Did you ever mix up powdered laundry soap and water with an egg-beater and then dab the “snow” you made onto your Christmas tree? Then the decorations would be hung once the soapy snow had dried. These trees reminded me of doing that as a child. (I apologize for mentioning Christmas so early.)

The wintery air brings out the elves

They wait for dark or fog

So they can better hide themselves

Behind a nearby log.

The head elf orders laundry soap

The powdered kind is best

They spit in it and then they hope

That this will pass the test.

The soapy snow must be so thick

That it won’t dribble down

It must be right so it will stick

And give the tree its gown.

With sagey brush, like tiny brooms

They paint each branch with snow

The night is short, a new day looms

And all the elves must go.

If I’d been passing by last night

I’m sure I would have seen

But I’d have given them a fright

And I can’t be that mean.

And so I’ll just admire their trees

That look so pure and white

The elves are happy when they please

And know they’ve done it right.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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25 thoughts on “Winter’s Frosty Breath

  1. Such a sweet winter poem!

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  2. Wonderfully crafted! I can see the snow and its beautiful, winter images.

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  3. Thats a lovely poem! Winter looks pretty and I liked it when I was a kid. But now I always wait for Spring to come. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful pictures!

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  4. Beautiful. My kind of weather 🙂

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  5. Makes me long to get there.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Beautiful words and images!

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  7. I think you should make your own Christmas card set with some of these photos you’ve posted over the last week or so. The poem is so sweet and conjures up all kinds of magical images for me. I think a certain red headed great nephew might really enjoy this poem and the photos too.

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  8. I like the poem and the pictures. Both brought back childhood memories.

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  9. Beautiful words, beautiful photos! Lovely! But I do like the weather here now in Arizona :).

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  10. I had thought it might be nice to go south, but at the time it seemed that the snow was blocking our way in all directions.


  11. Beautiful photos and a lovely poem about happy memories! It reminded me of the toy train set we had as children – we fixed it to a large board and then decorated the board by gluing green sand for fields and lichen moss from the model shop for hedges and bushes. I think my dad enjoyed it as much as my sister and I did!

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    • What fun that must have been. These are the kinds of things that made Christmas fun in the old days – not all this commercialized pressure. Funny how a bit of snow can take us into the Christmas memories. Glad you enjoyed the post.

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  12. Lovely scenes, just a bit too early.

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  13. I wasn’t aware of snow on Vancouver Island this fall. Seems too early, for me anyway. Your photos are lovely, though. They take away the sting—at least a little!


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