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Lookout Pass


Still dodging ice clumps that may or may not have rock-like centers, we are nevertheless, making progress in leaving the snow behind.

We pass the small town of St. Regis, near our Exit 16 refuge, where we will stay the night again.

Then another climb awaits us up into the hills to the Montana/Idaho border at Exit 0, Lookout Pass. The good thing about this pass is that it is about 2000 feet lower than that last one we went through, and less likely to be snowed in.

By the way, notice that “Lookout” is spelled as one word, as in “viewpoint.” I had started to think of it as two words (look out) like “watch out,” but its elevation is not nearly as high as MacDonald Pass so I must get this two-word definition out of my head. It’s just a pass with a gorgeous view from the top. The photo below is from 2015 (no snow). We didn’t stop to photograph the view this year.

Sure enough, the roads are fairly clear, in spite of snow hanging onto the trees right down to the level of the road.

Once we were over that hump, the rest of the crossing of the Idaho panhandle brought us ever closer to fall weather as we knew it.

We felt as if we were truly getting closer to home. Our next stay would be in Omak, Washington. I want to call it “Oboy!” instead of Omak because of the mini dramas that happened to us there. I’ll tell you all about it soon.

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15 thoughts on “Lookout Pass

  1. Perilous drive, but beautiful photos!

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  2. You had a very eventful trip, given the amount of time you spent on the road. Yet another cliffhanger (is that one or two words? ha ha) to read on your next post! Incredible scenery, regardless of all the drama.

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  3. Ha ha, one word, I think. The pictures are mostly drive-by shootings that I’ve cropped the truck windshield out of. Too bad, really, because the States are so beautiful, they deserve a proper camera setup. But I had to make do with what I could manage. I love the trip through to Montana, but better driving weather is preferable.


  4. Whenever I see a billboard for Lookout Mountain, I think: Look out! Mountain!

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  5. Your photos are great even though it was a difficult drive.

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  6. I like those pictures much better than the previous ones! I guess you had already the “Stall Drang”, I hope you remember this expression.

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  7. I was going to say that it still looks like summer in some of those pictures, until the snowy trees. Beautiful skies, though. Have fun.

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