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Going Squirrely!


The Captain said the other day, “I think that’s enough Lincoln posts. They’re cute and all, but I think it’s time for something different.”

I agreed. I know I have a thing for Lincoln and his girlfriend, Della, but okay, enough is enough. No more squirrel posts.

But today, the Captain yelled, “Anneli, come quick and bring the camera. Della’s got three babies!”

I took about nine videos of them but a lot are blurry or there is background noise (someone mowing a lawn). I picked one that shows Della grooming her babies. They all have fleas or some other little parasites. If you watch closely you can see Della groom the babies and eat the pests that are “bugging” them.

Thanks for enduring yet another squirrel post. I had not intended to inflict any more on you, but you see, with these new additions, they’re so cute I couldn’t resist.

PS Don’t bother to look for Lincoln. Now that the kids have arrived, he’s “gone fishing.”

Della had a big surprise,

We could not believe our eyes,

Three young children showed today,

Leaping, turning, every way,

Della’s nerves are wearing thin,

Squirrel One, where have you been?

Squirrel Two, sit still and wait,

For your grooming though it’s late.

I will find that pesky flea

I will eat it, you’ll be free

Of those bites and itchy pain

Till one lands on you again,

Squirrel Three, be careful there,

One misstep you’ll fall through air

If that happens what to do

Is grab a branch that passes you.

Yes, I witnessed your close call

Hanging by one leg, that’s all,

But you pulled yourself right up

You deserve a golden cup,

Be more careful though, next time,

Or you’ll have the family crying.

Now let’s settle down and wait,

Here comes Anneli at the gate,

She will bring me sunflower seeds,

Always she fulfills our needs.

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41 thoughts on “Going Squirrely!

  1. It’s a good video, Anneli, thanks for sharing such cuteness! I don’t mind the squirrel photos or videos at all. 😊

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  2. I’m laughing at the Captain’s suggestion, Anneli. I guess I was traumatized after our experience with the crazed squirrel in our attic. 🙂

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    • I understand how you’d be traumatized, Jill, especially if you hadn’t had the beautiful experiences we’ve had with Lincoln and Della. But yes, I had to agree with the Captain that I had probably gone a bit overboard with all the squirrel postings. 😉

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  3. Oh how sweet, and what a good Momma in Miss Della.

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  4. That is so adorable! I will watch any squirrel videos you post! 🙂

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  5. So cute! I love your squirrels. Roxy does too!

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    • Roxy would love them for sure! Our Emma nearly caught one of the babies yesterday. I didn’t realize then that it was a baby. The adults are fast and stay up in the trees or high on the woodshed so while I called Emma away, I didn’t think about any babies. Now, looking back I realize that the reason this smallish squirrel didn’t keep up higher and get out of Emma’s way faster was because it was a baby and had no idea of the danger it was in. I’m sure the neighbours heard me yelling NO! NO! all the way down the block. It was a close call and now I realize that must have been a baby.


  6. How ever so cute! 🙂 Thanks for going squirrely-nuts. 😀

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  7. This is so adorable. 🙂

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  8. So sweet! When is the baby shower? Ha ha ha. I love your squirrel posts.

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  9. Keep us up to date with this so cute family, please! I wonder how long it takes till the babies have their own family. I love squirrels, they are so sweet!

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    • These squirrels can have their own family in about a year, sometimes two years. The gestation period is from 31 to 35 days. Our red squirrels on the Pacific coast are down in numbers as the number of grey squirrels is exploding. Grey squirrels (much bigger) kill red squirrels and are quite destructive to our balance of nature. I would never feed a grey squirrel. But these little red squirrels (or Douglas squirrels, as I’ve heard them called) need a bit more protection so they don’t get wiped out.


  10. Beautiful 🙂
    Thank you 🙂
    Life is Good !

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  11. What a darling poem. I bet your grandkids (?) loved it!

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  12. Haha, yes, they feel like grandkids! I was horrified when I read in your Quest for Home that they ate squirrels, but of course they would eat anything that moved. Must keep Xhosa away from my place; or at least, feed her cinnamon rolls instead.


  13. They are cute! I’ll stay tuned for more of their adventures.

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  14. Aww. That’s the best last squirrel post (yeah right). So funny that the Captain called you over after saying that’s enough. How lovely to have that little family in your yard. 🙂

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  15. Get outta here! This is the BEST!!!! And, no, never enough squirrel posts anyway. I hope this means we get plenty more!!!!!

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  16. Thanks for that show of support, Luanne. The little ones are kind of cute. I don’t know what to do for my next post now that I’m so squirrel minded! Emma, our cocker, nearly got one of the babies the other day, and I try to keep the dogs on the other side of the fence from the wood shed, but the squirrels don’t know the meaning of a fence and they cross over into the dangerous side. (Oh dear, oh dear, what to do, what to do?)


  17. Awwwww. Squirrels are just so – cuddly. We have many many around our yard. I love watching them. My guy yells at them because they are so clever about climbing a tree and then jumping onto our hanging bird feeder. Oh, how they love the food we spend a great amount of money on FOR THE BIRDS. But hey, squirrels gotta eat too. And particularly now that they’re feeding their babies. Congrats to Della. I hope Lincoln comes home and helps out. Vacuuming would be nice…

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  18. How cute! Congratulations to them. I would call the babies a handful but even with three hands, I think they might wriggle free…

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  19. What a great chance to see the squirrel family!

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