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Fish or Beans


Vernon Lake on northern Vancouver Island is a good-sized piece of water. Expect lots of gray days, with misty clouds, some moving around the lake, some hanging onto the hilltops nearby.

If you are in a small boat, watch for the many partially submerged logs, especially near the shores. The area around the lake was logged long ago, probably more than once, by the look of the different sizes of trees.


Some of the trees have been in the water for so long that the exposed stumps have decayed and supported new plant growth. Sorry for the blurry photo of that one. It was a quick afterthought photo on a drive-by in the skiff.

Some stumps had not had time to develop growth yet. Instead they took on the role of sea monsters guarding the passageway to the far end of the lake.

At that end where the river flows out, the lake narrows like a funnel. Along the sides of the ever narrowing passageway, stand snags of trees that were probably drowned years ago by the rise in the lake’s water level in the rainy season. It looked to me like Snag Alley.


The water was so clear you wondered if it was really there, except that it reflected the greenery from the shore.


The Captain did his best to catch a fish after scrambling to get all his ducks in a row.

Either our timing wasn’t right, or the Captain was hampered by having to set up the Admiral with her fishing rod, but by the time he was able to dabble, it was not a fishy time for him just then and there.

Or possibly the fish didn’t take him seriously because he wasn’t wearing all his top-of-the-line brand name fishing paraphernalia. (The Admiral didn’t care about that stuff as long as he had the bear spray along.)

Anyway, supper that day was not going to be fresh gourmet fish.

More like sausages and a can of beans.

It was time for one of my favourite sayings: Tomorrow is another day.


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36 thoughts on “Fish or Beans

  1. The photos are so beautiful, Anneli! Wow. There are so many hazards to navigation that I wouldn’t be comfortable there with a boat. Sausages and a can of beans sounds great to me! Yum. What is Bear Spray? Like Mace? Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦🥰

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    • With a small skiff, you just need to keep your eyes open and not get going too fast close to shore. Not a good lake for those racing boats you like so much. Bear spray? It’s like mace, I suppose. Pepper spray. Capsicum, I think. Handy to have in case you get a bear that isn’t shy like they are supposed to be. We now have grizzlies on northern Vancouver Island, so it’s always a good idea to have some spray along. If you do have it along, you will probably never have to use it. If you don’t have it along, you will probably meet a bear. Kind of like buying insurance. You won’t need it if you have it, but sure enough if you don’t, you will.

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      • You are right about the insurance! I’d rather pack a rifle when it comes to a bear. But let’s try the mace first.

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        • I suppose it depends on where you are. Rifle on a fly fisherman doesn’t look so good, but if you’re wandering around in the woods, maybe it’s more called for. The bear spray should do the trick in most cases though.

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          • Wow the spray must be super potent to stop a bear. The rifle, slung over the shoulder is a good peace of mind though. I grew up with deer hunting in Michigan but was never a hunter. Venison is so good when properly cooked!

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            • We lived on it for years. And yes, that spray is strong. I always take it along when I’ve gone mushroom picking, and one time I tripped and the sprayer went off accidentally. Took me a while to stop coughing!


  2. Can of beans for me although I love fish and fishing! Looks like a very peaceful area.

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  3. Beautiful photos! I love Van Island. 🙂

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  4. Sausage and beans sounds good, too! Beautiful sights, Anneli.

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  5. What glorious pictures! It looks so relaxing. I could just melt into it. The admiral sounds a little high maintenance though lol!

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  6. Beautiful pictures! Here I go, getting homesick again.

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  7. Sounds like a wonderful day. What a trip you described down this waterway.

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    • I like being the passenger in the skiff so I can take a few photos, but the mist and little bits of spray from being in the boat end up on the camera lens now and then, so next time I would be better prepared with paper towel or a soft cloth. But yes, it was a wonderful day.

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  8. Thanks for introducing me to that area!

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  9. Beautiful photos, Anneli. I’ll go for the beans for dinner.

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  10. The reflections are gorgeous, Admiral. What a beautiful spot even if the fish weren’t biting. Fishing is only half about fishing, right? Now if only the sun would come out!

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  11. Not so bad here either, but in the northern part of the island and in the trees … bad at times!

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  12. Ohh such a pleasant place…tht clear water,logs,greenary…good article…i felt lik i was there when i was going through ur articl


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