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Weeding Words


Here is my garden, looking a little bit neglected as I spend more time copy-editing than I do gardening. I suppose you could say I’m weeding, but it’s words I’m weeding out, not “weed” weeds.

A western flycatcher flew over to the fence and gave me a condescending look.


Ooooooh! Anneli! That doesn’t look good. You’ve got to get out there and clean up that mess you call a garden.


So I asked if he’d like to help me weed.

“Tell me you’re joking!” he said.

“I don’t think so!” he said. “… Awww … don’t look like that. You should have gotten on top of the job right at the start!”


Call me when the work is done.

“Weeding words,” she calls her job,

Didn’t know she’s such a snob.

Doesn’t get her hands too dirty

Asks for help from this lil birdie.


I’m no weeder, I must say,

Must learn that another day,

Weeding plants is bad enough,

Weading books is way too tough.





Author: wordsfromanneli

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44 thoughts on “Weeding Words

  1. Ohhh I love this, Anneli! Your bird buddy is darling, your words so good. ❀️

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  2. Hahaha. πŸ˜€ That’s great! And your little friend is adorable.

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  3. Good point! So glad he does, too.


  4. If you think your garden needs help, I won’t show you mine! And I cannot use weeding words or anything else as an excuse either! My bad!

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  5. Some plants are classified as weeds, they grow, have beautiful blossoms for butterflies, and we are programmed, in out genes maybe, to destroy them all. That is not right.

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  6. I can relate. I’ve been weeding all summer and take breaks to weed my gardens. Love the flycatcher photos!

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  7. OK, I think I’m the cause of a handful of those weeds, Anneli!

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  8. You take some great bird photographs, Anneli – you have a good eye for it. And for wildlife generally from what I’ve seen of your posts. I’m not suggesting the quality of them is anything to do with the camera you’re using – and I mean that – but as a photographer myself who often takes bird photos – in London parks mostly – I’d be interested in what camera you’re using.

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    • Thanks, Jeff. I have a Nikon Coolpix P510. It’s a bridging camera (a step below one where I could put on a telescopic lens), but it has a pretty good magnification. The only thing is to hold still enough. I do like Nikon though. The zoom on this one is very nice. If birds would hold still enough, I could use a tripod but they just won’t co-operate. What I like about the zoom on the camera is that often when I can’t see well enough to make out what I’m looking at, I take the zoomed picture and then I zoom in on it again after I upload it and I see things that I hadn’t been able to see just with my eyes.
      I would never have been able to I.D. this little brown bird without the zoom to show me the identifying details to then look up in my bird book.


      • Thanks Anneli. That’s interesting – you do very well with that set up. And as you say, a tripod in those circumstances is simply no good. You’d make your life easier – I’m sure you know this anyway – if you had a variable lens camera and a zoom with Vibration Reduction on it. I have a Nikon D3500 camera and for photos of birds I use a Nikon 18-200mm lens. It’s a seriously brilliant lens and takes out all the normal vibration that comes with using it hand-held at maximum magnification. Nice to come across another avian photographer πŸ™‚

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        • Actually, I’ve just looked up your camera on the Nikon site and it says you’ve got VR on that lens. And 24-1000mm is some magnification!

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          • One of these days I hope to get a better camera, although this one was such a big jump up from what I had, it almost seems ungrateful to upgrade. Someone told me there is a new feature out and I didn’t quite understand it – something about mirrors or no mirrors…. Anyway, I thought I should wait until the latest technology has done its thing and then get a new one. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying my “bird hunting.” I think your 3500 is a pretty good one!


  9. Very sweet bird talking again. But just let’s not talk about weeds, I gave up on them, I just started to mow them.

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  10. Very nice, Anneli. Maybe you’re weeding, oops, reading too much into his expression. 😏

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  11. Weeding never seems to get done, does it? Book ‘weeding’ and plant weeding are equally tough jobs. The bird could have helped, though…

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  12. Charming post! It was fun to read it and the comments from your readers.

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  13. I simply refuse to listen to the birds when they try to tell me about the neglected state of our garden! πŸ˜€

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  14. I think I will stick to weeding out the unnecessary words in my writing. You certainly have plenty of eyes to keep an eye out.

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