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Sneaky Thief


Shhh!!! The squirrels are away …  I think …


Quick! Quick! I’ll grab one of their sunflower seeds.

I need to crack the shell. Here’s a stick. Hurry, hurry, before they come back. Those two squirrel brothers have been doing their best not to share with me.


Do I dare believe my sharp brown eyes? It’s a towhee. The sneaky little thief!


Hey brother! We got trouble …  again!


Ooh! Talk about greedy! He didn’t leave much.



Holy smokes!  There’s hardly anything left. I’m really hurt. 


I just can’t believe he did that. He’s almost cleaned us out.


But wait a minute. Heh-heh-heh! He doesn’t know about the ones I have … “squirreled” away.


I’d better add this one to the stash.


On second thought, I should eat what I can before he comes back.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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21 thoughts on “Sneaky Thief

  1. Looks like trouble ahead for Mr. Rufus S. Towhee! There’s always one in every neighborhood. He really is a sneaky little thief. Love the photos…so sweet.

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  2. The bird is a Piggy Bird. 😊🤭

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  3. Lovely script! The squirrels look very healthy and sassy (the towhee as well). 🙂

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    • There were two squirrels that day. I’ve lost track of who’s who except that one has a nick in his right ear. Also I would recognize Lincoln (the father) because he’s heavier than the others, and he wasn’t there that day. When the towhee first started to steal their food the squirrels were quite upset. They have a “social distancing” kind of relationship now.

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  4. I just had the first smile this morning, reading your sweet post. You made my day!

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  5. I’m smiling, Anneli, about your funny story! 🙂 Here, with us, the birds and the squirrels seem to share without anyone not getting enough.

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  6. Lucky the brothers have a fairy godmother to refill their supply!

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  7. Fun story with an inspiring parade of photos. Thanks for sharing this bit of sweetness.

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  8. I’m sure there’s plenty to share! I especially like the first and last shots. That squirrel looks like an imp. 😏


  9. Thank you, Anneli, for the joy and fun in your post! ❤

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    • Thanks for visiting, Carol. It makes me happy when blogging friends enjoy what I post. I have so many critters in the yard that even when I don’t know what to post next, something always happens to provide me with “fodder.”

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