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Slime Mold


No, it isn’t what the dog threw up, but it sure looks like it could be. It was growing in the bark mulch in my backyard. First time I’ve seen it.

Back in April, Pit from pitsfritztownnews posted a photo of slime mold (also called dog vomit slime mold), and I said that we don’t have it here. He’s in Texas; I’m on Vancouver Island. I’ve added a link to his post at the bottom of the page.

This slime mold is about the size of an adult hand with fingers spread out.

Apparently this fungus frequently comes in bark mulch and grows when the weather is humid. Hot dry weather usually dries it up and it dies. Meanwhile, although it is not meant to be eaten, it won’t kill you and it’s not toxic to pets. It is just to be tolerated and possibly admired for its uniqueness.


Here is Pit’s link:



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29 thoughts on “Slime Mold

  1. It’s a bit creepy! 🤭💀

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  2. Great, you let it live! Very interesting “thing” is it, never seen it before.

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  3. I could have gone all day–all week–without seeing that. Wouldn’t have missed it either. Yuck!

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  4. Thanks, Anneli, for linking to my blog. I just checked again: this stuff really is EDIBLE! Would you believe it. Indigenous Mexican people cooked it like scrambled eggs.Even thinking of that makes me gag. 😀
    It also seemed to be highly intelligent, as an article in a German newspaper shows: https://is.gd/cV6Non


    • I had another look and found this: Considered relatively harmless, it is possible for susceptible people to have an allergy to this organism and it could trigger an episode of asthma or allergic rhinitis.

      Then it went on to say some people have eaten it with no ill effects (like the indigenous Mexican people you mentioned). I don’t think I’ll be trying it. I checked out your newspaper article and I think much of it is written “tongue in cheek.”

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  5. I’ve seen that around. Of course…I had to look at this post while eating my lunch…yuck!

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  6. That name certainly conjures an image! Don’t think I could bring myself to eat it!

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  7. I live in an arid climate and have never seen or heard of this particular organism, but your essay intrigued me. You did a good job describing it, Anneli. Fun post.

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  8. Good for you to let it live, as soon as it gets dry it is dead anyway. It looks interesting but not really very pretty.

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  9. Quite the name . . . slime mold. I can’t say I’ve run across one of these. Nature’s provocative side can amaze.

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  10. I sometimes get it in my bark mulch. It’s always interesting.

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  11. It looks like a science project gone wrong 😏. Interesting though.

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  12. cool i never knew but a bit 🤮

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