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The Challenge of Change


A new birdfeeder presented unexpected challenges for some birds. The seeds were visible, but access to them was different from the way it was done in the old feeders. All the outlets for the seeds are near the bottom of this new feeder.

Very simple for most of the birds. The sparrow has it figured out. “Come on down,” he calls, but the towhee, on the top right, is still puzzled.

“Nice seeds, but how in the heck do you get at them?”

“Whatcha doin’ up there, Rufus?” the Oregon junco called.

“ARRRGGHH! These are the darndest things. I can see them. Why can’t I get at them?”

“You just stick your head in the red dish … look … like this!”

“I just don’t get it. I’m looking right at the seeds, and I can’t get them.”

Honestly, I don’t know what else to say to him. What a dimwit.

“I guess you could always have some suet, Rufus.”

Brand new feeder, brand new seeds,

Specially made to suit their needs.

High-tech model, high-tech spout

Way too hard to figure out.

Rufus hammers, Rufus picks,

He’s exhausted all his tricks.

Junco coaxes, junco shows,

Why is it that junco knows,

How to get them, how to eat?

Rufus must admit defeat.

He can’t get it, he can’t do it,

Junco points up at the suet.

Don’t go hungry, don’t despair,

Eat that suet over there.

Feeling stupid, feeling dumb,

What a birdbrain I’ve become.

Rufus gorges, Rufus gobbles,

Now so fat, his flying wobbles.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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34 thoughts on “The Challenge of Change

  1. Oh, sometimes I feel like Rufus approaching some new technology. That’s a really neat bird feeder, Anneli. And the seeds look appetizing, even for me! 🙂
    Lovely post and poem about Rufus, Anneli.

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    • Carol, you crack me up. I hadn’t thought of it in this way, but now that you mention it, that is exactly how I feel about new technology or any changes in the computer after an update. Glad you enjoyed the poem. Thanks for that.

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  2. So cute! I love the juncos!

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  3. I love the poem and the birds!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, John. You have some nice “wildlife” around your place too. I really like the photos of the ground squirrels (if that’s what they are – those cute little chipmunk-like guys) and your birds.


  4. Love the new feeder, and don’t despair, Rufus will find his way to the seeds in a very short time.

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  5. That’s how I feel most mornings. What’s this thing with the bristles on it? Oh yeah, a brush. 😉
    I love the little juncos. Great photos. 🙂

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  6. They all will find the openings after a while. This is a fancy feeder and a fun little poem.

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  7. That is a great bird feeder. I am a fan of juncos, too. I have not seen a one since we moved to the Southwest Gulf Coast almost 3 year ago. I’d be shocked if I did. I enjoyed your poem. Poor Rufus!

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    • Thanks a lot. I wasn’t sure this feeder would work because I had a bigger one of the same type but with bright blue outlets and the birds wouldn’t go near it. But this red one is a hot number. They love it! Glad you liked the poem. Thanks very much.


  8. Lucky for the towhee there was suet, I hope he figures out the new feeder soon. I like your poem too😊.

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  9. Love that story! 🙂 And the pictures, and the poem.

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  10. HA!!! LOVE IT!!

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  11. This one cracked me up. So funny. I guess Towhees aren’t the sharpest beaks in the nest.

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  12. A delightful read. The narrative, photos, and poem are an inspiring way to get into more of my own writing. Thanks for sharing Anneli.

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  13. This was such fun, Anneli! Super photos.

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  14. I really like the way you first let us see the birds in action with the photos – and change can be a shock or jolt – and I bet our avian friends already figured it out!
    I also
    Liked the closing prose
    And lastly – just got a new bird feeder I need to go and put up – it is more of the house shape

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