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Six Weeks?


On February 2, Punxsutawney Phil, the official groundhog weather forecaster, dashed back into his burrow because he saw his shadow, and thus predicted six more weeks of winter.

“Ugh! You’ve got to be kidding me,” says the Steller’s jay.  “Six more WEEEEEEKS!”

I felt the same way, and have been waiting (im)patiently for spring to come, and today I realized that six weeks must soon be up.

March 16 should be the last groundhog-predicted day of winter. So I expect spring to happen the next day.

One more week!

I’ll be looking for signs of spring for my next post. Are you finding any where you are?

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51 thoughts on “Six Weeks?

  1. Butch prairie dog didn’t see his shadow and predicted an early spring 🙂

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  2. The Stellar’s Jay is a very beautiful boy! I’m hoping that spring gets going for you soon, Anneli. I’ll be waiting another six weeks …

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  3. Not much signs of spring here. I have enough of winter, like the rest of us.
    That is a beautiful Steller´s jay!

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  4. Such a beautiful blue bird. Stunning. Spring is coming your way soon and hopefully in the next week you get warmer weather and more blooms. Here in Australia we are in the southern hemisphere, and we are right now in fall, or autumn as we call it. Already missing the warm weather but we still have quiet a few sunny days 🙂

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  5. Signs of spring have definitely appeared. The cherry trees are in full bloom and the pollen is already sky high. I’m patiently waiting for our hummingbirds to return. Last year, we saw our first on April 4th, so we’re getting anxious. Sadly, the Stellar’s Jay likes to eat hummies…eek!

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  6. It’s supposed to warm up here for a few days, no signs of crocus yet. Lovely Stellar’s Jay shot.

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  7. Like Jill, pollen count is gearing up for the weeks of what I call ‘Green Gunk’ Season!
    But for all of that, the dafs, hiacynths and early crabs and magnolias and etc etc are more than evident here in SC.
    Happy days are here again! Hang on!

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  8. It’s pretty much spring here all year, the Stellar’s Jay is beautiful! 😍

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  9. We have pussy willows now, but they are cold ones this morning.

    That’s a beautiful Jay!

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    • Nice! Pussy willows are always a sign that spring is coming. Chilly here today too, but the snow level is higher in the hills, so I’m hopeful for a warming trend. That saucy jay had better not go after any baby birds around here. There is so much else for it to eat.

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  10. It has been frigid through the center of the country. I know they are frantic for spring to arrive.

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  11. We do! Yesterday we noticed the very first signs of buds on our Mexican plums.

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  12. Anneli, it’s actually been warm here all week! Well, warm enough for only a light jacket. Yesterday I took a short walk (still dragging from covid) with jeans, a t-shirt, and a cardigan. Rain is coming tonight and colder weather is moving back in tomorrow night. But at least it’s not cold enough for snow. Crossing fingers for no more snow. We’ve been known to get it in April.
    Hang in there. Spring is on the way.
    P.S. Gorgeous photo of that bird.

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  13. I can live with 6 more days, Anneli. But not a day longer!! It seems like winter has lasted a year!

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  14. My crocuses are blooming and my tulips and other perennials have greened up. The ducks migrated and have made a pitstop on our pond.
    We are going to get FEET of SNOW this weekend! No spring in sight here in Colorado.

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  15. We are heading into warmer weather.

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  16. What a gorgeous Jay! I have never seen one of those here in New England. Yesterday was the first day it reached 60°. An anomaly here but my guy and I went for a long drive and saw so many convertibles with the top down. Everyone is excited! And we went for a long walk in the woods. By this weekend temps will be back down to winter. So as much as I am pleading for spring I know it will be a while still. But keep us updated with photos of your beautiful spring soon to come. 😍

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    • How nice for you to have a warmish day at last. This has got to be the last blast of winter. I can feel the air warming up ever so slightly. I’ll be so happy when spring comes. No wonder the birds sing about it.


  17. Until those spring days arrive, the stunning Steller’s Jay has brought you color and beauty. Here’s hoping spring arrives soon for you, Anneli.

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  18. Two days of unseasonably warm weather this week, and back into the 20’s on Monday. We should hopefully begin to see some signs of spring after Monday.

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  19. Hold on. That Jay is in your back yard?

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