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Giant Cedars


Do you see a tiny dark creature at the base of one of the forest giants? It’s Emma the Explorer.

Look at me, Anneli. I’m at the foot of the Empire State Tree. I can’t climb, and there’s no elevator. It sure looks huge from where I am. Click to make the picture bigger and maybe you’ll see me. I’m black and have a white nose.

Giant cedars standing tall,
Many here have yet to fall,
Others tumbled to the lake,
Fell so hard the earth did shake.

Still they keep their feet on shore,
Though they won't grow anymore,
Flooding waters soaked their boots,
And by force they lost their roots.

What these giant trees have seen,
Since they first began to lean,
Has a bear once scratched his hide,
On the cedar's sunny side?

Has a buck his antlers rubbed,
Losing velvet as he scrubbed?
Did an eagle perched aloft,
Make his nest there, downy soft?

Cedars lying in the lake,
Tangle trout that lures do take,
Lucky fish will break the line,
Swim away and feel just fine.

Silent sentinels await,
And one day they'll meet their fate,
Younger trees will then stand guard,
While the old ones fall down hard.

But the cycle carries on,
Wood in water will be gone,
Many seasons come and go,
And the young have room to grow. 

Author: wordsfromanneli

Writing, travel, photography, nature, more writing....

22 thoughts on “Giant Cedars

  1. They certainly are gigantic.

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  2. They are really beautiful.

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  3. Those cedars are huge and beautiful trees. The poem is very nice.

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  4. What a lovely, calming poem, Anneli. And the darling dog is so cute, watching you.

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  5. Dogs are like that, well, if you don’t happen to have a friendly neighborhood squirrel.

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  6. The woods are one of my favourite places to walk. Your poem does a fine job of describing why.

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  7. Oh Emma, you are such a sweet pup. Your two-legged family members love you so much, you lucky girl.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I could barely make her out and wouldn’t have noticed her if you hadn’t said to look! Those trees are amazing and your poem is such a lovely tribute.

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  9. Wow! None as big as those in Nova Scotia.

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  10. Anneli, your poem captures the essence of nature’s life cycle. Thanks for sharing along with your inquisitive photo.

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  11. Love your poem. Looks like a great place to stop and explore, especially for doggy, so much to sniff!!

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