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A few days of R and R were in order, so we took our old trailer to a lake that was about three hours’ drive from home, and set up camp.

Once the main chores were done, I sprawled back in my lawn chair and looked up.

This is what I saw.  Although there were people camped next to us, it was quiet because they were out on the lake in their kayaks. The peacefulness of the place was a moment to treasure. On the coming long weekend, it would be much more of a party place, but for now, it was wonderfully quiet. Just the whisper of the leaves high up in those trees.

Later we would try our hand at fishing in the lake, but it was so hard to decide whether to hold the fishing rod or the camera.

Now that I’m home and it’s the weekend, I can’t help but wonder how the party is going. I bet it is noisy and a complete change from the quiet few days we spent there. Timing is everything.

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42 thoughts on “Camping

  1. Beautiful views, Anneli! ❤️🇨🇦

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  2. I’m glad you held the camera instead of the fishing-rod for some time at least and got us these fantastic pictures.

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  3. Great shots, Anneli. I’m happy you had a nice time.

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  4. Those last two are amazing pictures. The majesty of those trees is unrivaled, and the reflection in the water–are you sure it isn’t photoshopped?

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  5. Anneli, those are truly beautiful photos. The lake with the mountains reminds me of Schoen Lake, here on the island. I know that isn’t where you went, but it made me appreciate how many of these amazing untouched places we have here. Thank you for taking these photos and sharing them.

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  6. What amazing sights – I’m glad you had a getaway trip. It looks so peaceful there 🙂

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  7. Yes, timing is everything, in so many countless ways. Your reflective lake picture is absolutely stunning. Beautiful!

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    • Speaking of timing, not only did we avoid the busy family camping noise, but we avoided the biting flies and mosquitoes that moved in just as we were pulling out. The slight change in weather must have brought on a hatch and I was glad to leave the newly arrived swarms of insects. But I bet the fishing picked up after we left.

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  8. I am glad you took the camera instead of the fishing rod! Those pictures are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing them.

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  9. It looks like a beautiful spot. Sounds like you timed your visit well.

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  10. Wow. What a spot. The reflection on the lake is stunning. It breathes peaceful. Sounds like you timed it perfectly, Anneli. I feel more relaxed just reading this post!

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  11. Wow. Beautiful! Name of Lake?

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  12. Anneli, your camera captured some delights. At one of my favorite nature parks, a section of the trail is lined on both sides of majestic, heavenly-reaching white pines. I can definitely see why your camera was close by, even while fishing.

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  13. Anneli, this is such a wonderful area that you have camped in!We also love to be out and about with our motorhome, we prefer to camp by an atmospheric lake or a river in nature parks. We love to sit by the water, have a barbecue and watch the romantic sunset. 🌸🌸
    Anneli, have a nice week….

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  14. While I love to party, I love the quiet of nature too and your images reflect how beautifully tranquil that lovely place is.
    Now, you caught some lovely scenery, but did you catch any fish 🐟?

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  15. Beautiful! I love the photo of the lake and snow covered mountains.

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