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The Olympic Diver


Evidence of long ago logging documents the size of some of the trees that used to grow around the lake. All around, lie smaller logs that have been knocked down by wind or by the annual flooding of the lake as heavy rainfall swells the feeder creeks, or snow melt causes the lake to rise.

So the lake has areas where a boater must take care to avoid half-sunken logs and deadheads.

One such deadhead was just below the surface of the lake, so some thoughtful person attached a white float marker to it as a warning to boaters. I  don’t have a photo of this marker, but it was a fair distance from shore.

I should mention that when Emma was only six months old, the Captain was walking along the banks of the Missouri River with her in Montana. Without warning, Emma jumped from the four-foot-high bank into the river. She loves the water.

So you can guess what she did as we motored along, and Emma spied the float. She must have thought it was a duck that needed to be retrieved.

A flying leap, an Olympic dive, two gasps from us in the boat!

The Captain immediately shut down the outboard motor, called his enthusiastic dog back to the boat, and hoisted her aboard. I expected to get shaken on, but what I didn’t count on was that she leaned on me on her way back to her front row seat and got my backside sopping wet before she gave me her shower.

I remember the Captain asking me then if I still loved my dog.

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38 thoughts on “The Olympic Diver

  1. That used to be a huge tree! It’s been heartbreaking reading about the further old-growth logging that’s still happening. Politicians can’t help themselves, it seems.
    Emma is such a cutie, and I love the puppy photo.

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  2. Good dog, dries off right after swimming.

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  3. Emma is just the cutest! I love that face.

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  4. “I remember the Captain asking me then if I still loved my dog.”
    And the answer was, I’m sure, a “yes”. ;

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  5. Such a sweet girl, Anneli. I recall boating on a Michigan lake that was so clear that you could see every stump trying to tear your hull apart!

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  6. LOL!!!! She needed her Mom so she could make sure everything was ok ;). And I bet she smelled like wet dog!!! Great photos, Anneli!

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  7. She looks very much at home in the boat as well as in the water. 😊

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  8. Beautiful photos! You´ve seen Emma once and it was love for ever, she is a very pretty and lovable dog!

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  9. Sweet Doggie. And a great hiking friend.

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  10. Beautiful lake for a grand day out with doggy! Such an adventurous pup, perhaps she was hoping you would join her swim!

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  11. Emma is such a cutie.

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  12. I’ve finally decided that our dogs think we WANT to be showered by them. That we enjoy it. Why else would they shake right in front of us, always? Awwww, Emma is such a cutie. That front-on photo of her face melts my heart. “Do you still love your dog?” Haha. More than ever, you said in reply (maybe not…)

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  13. That’s a good story, Anneli. Why we love dogs!

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  14. You are such a great photographer, Anneli and Emma is so sweet and innocent looking!

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  15. Great read thank you

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