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Jacqui Murray: Laws Of Nature


I was leaving a comment when this post accidentally reblogged to Wordsfromanneli, but once it did that, I didn’t mind a bit because some people may have missed a previous post about this wonderful book. If you missed hearing about it, you now have another chance to check it out. You won’t be sorry if you do.

Anyone who buys this book will be happy they did. The rest will be sorry to miss out on such a great adventure. I loved reading all of Jacqui’s book. Don’t miss out!

Carol Balawyder

Although Jacqui Murray’s Laws of Nature (Book 2 of The Dawn of Humanity Trilogy) is a work of fiction it is based on intense research on pre-historic times. In her non-fiction introduction Jacqui Murray sites how scientists decoded the clues which were “encased in the rocks, soil, and the few surviving artifacts of her kind.”

Relying on multidisciplined scientists: paleobotanists studied plant seed, paleoanthropologists examined the condition of teeth and calcification of skeletons, Paleontologists examined the tools created during that period 2 million years ago and other paleo scientists studied the rocks, soil, the climate. All offering to Jacqui Murray a foundation for her fiction.

Of the many different scientists Jacqui Murray mentions two: Dr. Lev Vygotsky whose research was based on the means of communication – body language, hand gestures, facial expressions. Dr. Levi Leonard and Conant’s research based on the concept of counting.

In this book of the trilogy…

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