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Bob the Cat Builds a Driveway


If we had watered it, or if there had been any rain in the last six weeks, our driveway would have been green. So much soil has been created by nature’s cycle of dropped leaves and fir needles that the driveway became almost like a messy golf fairway. All it needed was a hole punched into the middle of the turnaround and a tiny flagpole posted there.

But last week, a little Bobcat scraped that fairway clean of its dry, weedy “green.”

In this drought, the dust clouds filled the air as Bob the cat worked to renew our driveway.

I was amazed at the way a shovel could smooth the ground and a toothed kind of shovel could scrape the earth like giant metal fingernails.

Finally, the living part of the driveway was removed and only a foundation of the old crushed rock remained.

But more crushed rock was needed, so the first of several loads arrived. Bob the cat stood by ready to go back to work. You see he has the shovel back on and his claws are put away.

Here is the first load spread around.

I am always amazed at the way a good operator can move soil or crushed rock around as if the machine were an extension of his hand. In this short video, you will see how skillfully he “plays” with the crushed rock to make a smooth driveway surface.

By the time the crew was finished we had a clean new driveway.


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26 thoughts on “Bob the Cat Builds a Driveway

  1. Looks good, Anneli. I’ve always wanted to drive a bobcat myself, btw.

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  2. That’s a great project finished.

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  3. What a gorgeous driveway, through those trees. You must love coming home.

    Who’s driving the Bobcat?

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  4. Looks great! I am sure Emma supervised from the deck? Love the little video as well as your photos.

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    • Oh, I was happy when this guy came to do the job. He was efficient and did a great job. Emma had to be in the kennel in the backyard for a while. She wasn’t happy. She had wanted to visit with the workers through the fence, but that was a bit dangerous when the machines came to the edge.


  5. The operator clearly knows what he or she is doing! The new roundabout will be great.


  6. He does a good job and your driveway is looking perfect after he is done. Ours would need to be redone a long time ago.

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  7. You have a beautiful yard (and driveway now, too). Looks very tranquil. šŸ™‚

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  8. Looks great, Anneli. A fantastic addition!

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  9. It looks great! Our driveway is concrete and is all broke up and we know we will need to replace it eventually.

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    • I would have liked to have asphalt, but the bobcat guy said it would be a mistake to put it in here with so many trees. In a couple of years the tree roots would buckle it. That’s one of the main reasons we stuck with crushed rock. But I understand your problem!


  10. A good project to complete. I see a lot of people resurfacing their driveways in late summer.

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  11. It looks great! It must be fun to drive a bobcat.


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