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Mr. Roy G. Biv


We’ve had crazy weather here lately with lots of wind and rain, but up in the hills, that rain took the form of snow. You can see that the freezing level is still fairly high, so we’ve been spared the snow for a while yet.

So while it snowed up high, it rained down low, but then the sun came out.

And with it came a friend of mine, Mr. Roy G. Biv.


But you must be wondering who Roy G. Biv is. Well, let me introduce you to him in the photo below.

Roy G. Biv is a colourful guy. If you take the first letters of his name, you’ll be able to remember all the colours of the rainbow in the order that they appear in the sky.

R = red

O = orange

Y = yellow

G = green

B = blue

I = Indigo

V = violet




Rainbow Roy is quite the boy,

Giving joy immense,

Colours bright are quite a sight,

Though the sky is dense.


Clouds of rain are such a pain,

Bringing on the shivers,

Pouring down upon the ground,

Flowing past in rivers.


Near the peak the snowflakes streak,

Settling on the trees,

How I hope it coats the slope,

Don’t come down here, please.


Rainbow blaze, my senses daze,

Long as I shall live,

It’s a sight that brings delight,

Mr. Roy G. Biv.




Author: wordsfromanneli

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39 thoughts on “Mr. Roy G. Biv

  1. A fantastic picture, Anneli, and a lovely poem. I like that idea of Mr. “Roy G. Biv” a lot.

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  2. That is clever. I will never again have to forget the colors of the rainbow.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How perfectly delightful to be introduced to your colorful friend Roy G. Biv, Anneli. Fun poem and wonderful photo. You caught Roy in a particularly bright moment.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful rainbow Anneli! Roy G. Biv is a very handsome fellow. Glad to have that trick up my sleeve to help me remember!

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  5. Beautiful photos, Anneli! ❤️🇨🇦

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  6. How fun! Amazing photos, Anneli. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. Wow, never read that before, will not forget it now.

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  8. Adorable poem to go with your photos! Anneli, I definitely enjoyed meeting Roy G. Biv.

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  9. A very enjoyable, fun post, Anneli, and your photos are gorgeous!

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  10. This is a delightful rainbow with a smart name!

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  11. I’ve rarely seen a rainbow. Nice photo and poem, Anneli!

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  12. Such awesome scenery. That’s one fat Roy G. Biv. Wider than usual rainbow. Spectacular.

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  13. Rainbows are so magical. I love your poem, Anneli and your clever way of naming the colors of the rainbow. 🙂

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  14. Thanks for sharing this poem and wonderful image.

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  15. I love this blog. Brilliant

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