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Light Play

This morning the dogs let me sleep in until about 6:00. Then Emma tapped the edge of the bed. Bleary-eyed, I let her and Ruby out and wandered around the yard waiting for them to do their business. They were more interested in what might have spent the night in the shrubs by an old tree stump. Maybe a rabbit or a raccoon? I wandered away a few feet and what I saw made me run back into the house to get the camera.

I didn’t care that the ugliest hydro pole in the world was front and center of my photo. I just wanted to record that rainbow.

The first rays of morning light were doing strange things. The hedge around our place is usually all the same colour, but when the light hit patches of it, you would think it had two kinds of trees.

These are all western red cedars with no colour variation (except today).

When the sun went behind a cloud only moments later, the sky turned dark and so did the hedge. You are looking at the same stretch of hedging in the photo below as in the photos above.

The cloud hiding the sun moved on and the morning rays went to work again.

It was a real light show out there this morning. I’m so glad I didn’t sleep through it.

What is it?

It looks like a comet, but it’s not. It looks like a splotch on the truck window or the camera lens, but it’s not. As I drove past, I had to admit that the thing that might have been a sun with a halo,… wasn’t …


unless there are two suns. Maybe it’s a mini rainbow on the edge of a cloud?dscn6506

Dawn – What a beautiful name

I had to get up at 4:45 or so because Emma said so. I could have stayed in bed and then cleaned up the mess that one distressed puppy would make, but it wouldn’t be fair to either of us. Just look at the beautiful dawn I might have missed.??????????


I’d heard from my neighbour that there was a cougar in the area. Nice of him to warn me because of having the new puppy. I know hungry cougars like to snack on small family pets. It made me reluctant to get out there at their favourite hunting time, but right now Emma is calling the shots. And look at the rainbow I would have missed. It was a complete arc in the sky but I could only get part of it into the picture, it was that big. Faint but big!



My sister-in-law’s name is Dawn. Today I thought her name was more beautiful than ever before. She suits her name.



My reward for getting up so early was to see the golden light on the firs. At dawn and dusk I can see this view, but at dusk the sunlight is warmer, more golden. There must be a scientific reason for that, but I don’t know what it is.


Now it was getting light enough to see my garden that I’ve had to let go to weeds this year. I’m blaming Emma, the all-demanding puppy.


As I went back into the house, climbing Queen Elizabeth greeted me and told me what a cheery day it will be.

??????????I hope it was a good one for you too.