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Snow – The Double-edged Sword


Yes, yes, it’s a white Christmas and almost everyone is happy. Snow covers the ugliness of winter.

But it also covers all the seeds and insects the songbirds would love to pick at. This fox sparrow is probably wondering how he’s going to get through the next days. He doesn’t know that it’s going to get even colder in the next few days. I’m making sure to keep the bird feeders filled and in a relatively sheltered place.

But mostly I fear for the tiny hummingbirds. Why, oh why, didn’t they fly south when they had the chance?

The hummingbird feeder was already starting to get chilled by late afternoon. In the next days, the sugar water in the feeder will try to freeze even partway through the day. I’ve been bringing the feeders inside at night and I will probably have to exchange the frozen water for warmer sugar water before the day is over. The forecast says it will get very cold at night. Meanwhile, this hummingbird was happy to find the sugar water not frozen today. Poor little thing.

Snow at Christmas, what a treat,

But it hides what birds would eat.

Joyful people celebrate,

Birds though have a different fate.


Let us help them fight the cold,

In the deep snow, let’s be bold,

Filling feeders to the top,

So the birds can fill their crop.


Snow is pretty but it’s hard,

When it covers up the yard,

Birds and squirrels do their best,

Let’s all help them in their quest.

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43 thoughts on “Snow – The Double-edged Sword

  1. You are such a friend to our little furred and feathered ones, providing them with safe food supplies. Thank you, Anneli.
    Season’s Greetings. 🎄

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  2. Those feeders for hummingbirds should come with a thermo wrapping. It is snowing this Christmas morning too after we had 10 + yesterday. I have to refill the feeders right now. |It looks pretty but for the birds it´s no fun. But they will make it if we keep feeding them.

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  3. Beautiful! Merry Christmas Anneli.

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  4. We always have a few hummingbirds that remain with us over the winter, but it never occurred to me that some would linger so far north. You certainly are a Christmas blessing to yours.

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  5. You are talking about a real problem. How can those hummingbirds survive, even though you are feeding them?
    Merry Christmas!

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  6. I’m thankful our little hummies flew to warm climates. Thanks for taking care of our birds, Anneli. Merry Christmas!

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  7. Take care of those little guys, Anneli. I suppose Lincoln and his friends are safely burrowed up somewhere?

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  8. Merry Christmas, Anneli! It’s sad that the hummers haven’t flown south, poor babies, and the Fox Sparrow is so cute! ❤️

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  9. It certainly can be a mixed blessing, as we here found out this February.

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  10. Thank you for helping them!!! Merry Christmas!

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  11. Anneli, I wish you and your family a merry Christmas! ❤️ 🎅🎁 🎄
    Keep well, happy and safe.

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  12. As I’ve already said, those little creatures are so lucky to have you take care of them. You are an angel to them. ❤

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  13. You are the keeper of the birds, Anneli. Thank goodness!!

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  14. The feeder brings this neighboring birds and squirrels together.

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  15. I hope you had a great Christmas Anneli! We had a white Christmas too – but a little different to yours, the noisy white Cockatoos came into the valley to play and squawked out a few carols for us 🙂 The white ones are like rowdy teenagers compared to the more sedate black ones that cruise about.


    • Well … the Captain and I have both been SO sick (we think it’s Omicron – like a very bad bronchitis) so we haven’t had Christmas yet!!! The turkey is still in the freezer. The stockings are unopened so far. When we’re over this we’ll have my mother-on-law over and do a pretend Christmas. (So we may end up doing two Christmases in 2022.) But I love the idea of the Caroling Cockatoos. Great name for a seasonal band.

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      • That’s no good Anneli, I hope you both come right and build your immunity. Tasmania opened up about two weeks ago after reaching a 90% double vaccination rate and being pretty much covid free. It didn’t take long to arrive, there’s now almost 1000 known cases. Getting close to home with a driver at work with it, my daughter was at a party with a close contact and a lady that works for my wife and her son now have it after visiting NSW. I think it’s only a matter of time before we all get it. I suppose it will become like the flu 😷
        Stay safe and look after yourselves.

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        • We’ll get through it, but it shows that the vaccines really don’t do much.

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        • I’m getting the feeling that covid is here to stay and we just have to build up our immunity the best we can. It’s crazy around here now, and I don’t see any end in sight. The vaccinations don’t seem to be very effective and certainly not long-lasting. I suppose it’s very lucrative for the pharmaceutical companies. I wish they would put more effort into treatment (but I guess that’s not where the money is – pills being so much cheaper to provide). I’ve had three vaccinations and I think I’m done with it. Not going to keep doing this pointless thing forever.

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