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Visiting at Luanne’s



My sweet Emma and I are happy to let you know that we are guests at Luanne Castle’s blog today. Why don’t you stop there for a quick visit?



Luanne Castle has written a lovely review of one of my books, Julia’s Violinist.

I’d be delighted if you would visit her blog post and find out more about this novel that is so dear to my heart.

Please visit: https://writersite.org/2021/12/20/my-review-of-julias-violinist-by-anneli-purchase-and-note-from-the-author/



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10 thoughts on “Visiting at Luanne’s

  1. Definitely comin’ over. I loved that book!


  2. I have also had the pleasure to read this book and found it fascinating and entertaining. Loved Luanne’s review of this book.

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  3. Fantastic review for a terrific book!

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  4. Hi Anneli, I tried to leave a comment on Luanne’s site but it somehow wouldn’t post.
    A lovely review. I’ve read about the Sudetenland, so I’m familiar with that brutal and tragic history.
    I love the photo of you and Emma. 💛


  5. Excellent review. I’ll have to do some reading on the history of the Sudetenland.

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    • I suppose it depends on who writes that history. You’ll get different versions. One thing I kept coming across was that these Germans were squatting on “Czech lands.” They were there for over 700 years, probably more. History is often told with prejudice. In my book I tried very hard to stick to the facts and not get sidetracked by who was “right” and who was “wrong.”

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