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Holiday Time



It seems to be snowier this year, but only in dribs and drabs. It snows, and the next day it rains and the snow is gone. But the wind is bitter cold and the air is raw. I hope all the little birds and squirrels find warm places to spend the night. I know they’re out and about even in terrible weather, looking for bits of food to keep them warm enough. Even the hummingbirds that didn’t fly south are sipping at the cold sugar water in the feeder. Poor little things.

I hope you are all helping to keep the birds alive this winter by putting out suet or bird seed. Please don’t feed them bread. It’s not going to do them any good. They need proper bird seed and sunflower seeds.  And if you have a cat, be sure not to put the feeder where a cat could get to it. On second thought, if you have a cat, don’t feed the birds. Let your neighbour do it.

I hope you all have a happy time over the Christmas holidays. Be good to your friends, neighbours, and families. There is probably not enough of that kindness in the world.

With so much Covid fear, it seems that we are losing the closeness we had with friends and family. Everyone is afraid of this monster illness. But maybe we need to work harder at keeping up our friendships by writing, or phoning, or having more over-the-fence visits, until we get a handle on this virus.

Let us try not to forget that humans are meant to hug, and smile without masks, and love each other.  I worry about the toddlers who are not learning to read their parents’ facial expressions as they grow up. Somehow, someday, we need to get back to the way things were.

Have a healthy and happy Christmas time. I wish you all the best for 2022.


PS. I noticed I said, “I hope” several times in this post. I was going to change it, but then I thought, “No, I DO hope a lot.”

I hope you have a  lot of hope too.



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41 thoughts on “Holiday Time

  1. We can never lose hope. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Anneli.


  2. Amen to all you say, Anneli, most of all to “let’s not give up hope”.
    Have a great pre-Christmas week, and then wonderful holidays.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours,

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  3. Covid Fear, well said. We will overcome this but it will take time. My family has had its usual early Christmas and it was so wonderful! Be safe, Anneli!

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  4. To you, too, Anneli. I’m working on repeated words right now in my book. Everyone shrugs, waves, and raises their hands–who knew? I almost skipped the word ‘shoulders’ that Autocrit spotlighted–glad I didn’t. The amount of stuff that happens to shoulders in my small tribe is stunning.

    Hugs to you this holiday season.

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  5. Your post is most definitely full of hope! I love it. The hummingbirds you mentioned are likely the Anna’s Hummingbird. I don’t understand why they don’t fly south, but they seem to enjoy staying right where they are. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Hope 2022 is a happier and healthier year for all.

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  6. A happy Christmas to you too and we won´t give up hope. Lovely post!

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  7. I will make one final correction of my choice: if you have a kitty keep her inside where she’s safe and can’t go after birds!

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  8. Happy Christmas Anneli. It has been a tough couple of years, and I think many of us were hoping that we were over the worst until this new variant suddenly came on the scene. Keep safe, and keep reminding us of where we need to get back to. Hopefully a world in which masks and lockdowns aren’t necessary isn’t too far away.

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  9. All the best for the holidays, Anneli! I certainly hope the coming year inches us all closer to healthier happier times.

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  10. Thank you for this wonderful post. I am hopeful too, mostly that we learn to better take care of our planet and that covid becomes something we are able to manage.

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  12. A very merry, merry Christmas to you, Anneli, and all your loved ones. May you always be blessed with joy, peace and love. I wish you lots of success in all your endeavors and may 2022 be filled with hope!

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  13. Lovely, Anneli. I hope (yes, I do hope a lot, too) you had a wonderful Christmas. We Zoomed with everyone, the next best thing to being together.

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  14. May the New Year fill you and your loved ones with hope and peace. While soggy and gray here in central Ohio, winter usually doesn’t get too serious until January.

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