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Lonely Spaniel


Somehow, these past two weeks have been filled with commitments, appointments, and reasons to go into town. With the weather alternating between cold rain and slushy snow, I don’t like to put Emma out in her kennel. She has a doghouse inside that fenced “playpen” and she’s quite safe in there, but it’s chilly when you don’t have a chance to run around much to stay warm.

So, we keep her in the house while we’re gone. She mostly sleeps on her dog bed until we get home again, but after leaving her for the third time within several days, I was feeling bad for her. She’s always so happy when we come home, so I know she gets lonely.

Today when I came home from an appointment, she met me at the door as usual, and I asked her where my slippers were. She always brings them to me when I come in from outside and I usually don’t even have to ask her for them.

But she brought me one of the Captain’s shoes so I went looking for my slippers and here is what I found.

A stash of six shoes on her bed! She must have gone up and down the stairs six times to bring them all to her bed upstairs so she could snuggle into them while we were away.


When the people go away,

No one knows how long they’ll stay.

Sure they leave me warm and fed,

And I curl up on my bed.


But the house can be so still,

Many quiet hours to fill,

Though my dog bed is all right,

Hope they come back before night.


Maybe I can find some shoes

And feel better while I snooze,

Into them I stick my snout,

The aroma knocks me out.


Extra lonely time today

Means I need those shoes for play,

Up and down the stairs each time,

With a shoe for every climb.


Six times down and six times up,

Six brown shoes  for lonely pup,

Tired now, I’ll snooze and wait,

Hope the people won’t be late.


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41 thoughts on “Lonely Spaniel

  1. Aww, poor Emma! She needed to feel close, and what better way than lots of shoes? Smells like the humans, and there are lots of pleasant memories of putting on shoes to go outside!

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  2. Emma is so sweet! She loves you as much as you love her.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Awww! This is so sweet, Anneli, Emma misses you so much! Such a sweet baby. ❤️

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  4. what a sweetheart. That, Anneli, is how I ended up with two dogs at one point in my life.

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  5. I guess she felt better surrounded by familiar objects. At least she didn’t hide any 😏

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  6. She ust really have felt lonely to need the comfort of all your shoes.

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  7. What a sweet girl she is. I suppose it makes her feel more secure having familiar scents around her. She is such a good dog.

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  8. That’s so funny. She must be comforted by the (aromatic) smell. Soon things will settle down and she’ll be happy to have her humans home. Fun poem, Anneli. Emma is so cute. 🙂

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  9. Awww… that is so sweet!

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  10. This is one of the most adorable posts! Aw lonely pup!

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  11. Aww! Surrounding herself by something that reminds her of family (and probably walks too?)

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  13. Adorable Emma! I liked how she gathered up those shoes as she was feeling a bit alone while you were away.

    Liked by 2 people

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