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Book Bargains


In the month before Christmas I have marked my novels down to US $.99. This way you can load up your e-reader with five novels to keep you turning pages for about $5.00 total. Hours of entertainment for very little cost.

What will you get for 99 cents each?

Orion’s Gift

When Sylvia receives devastating news, she knows she has to leave her California home. While hiding away in the Baja Peninsula, living in a camper van, she meets a man with a similar dilemma. Both must avoid the spouses pursuing them, or be forced to return to the intolerable misery of their past. Will the sparks they feel for each other help see them through or only make their problems worse?

Baja camping is not without its dangers and both runaways must learn to trust and mistrust at the right times.


The Wind Weeps

Andrea leaves big-city boredom in Ontario to search for love and a new life on B.C.’s rugged coast. The love of two men and a woman leads her into the world of commercial fishing. But soon, her adventure becomes a nightmare. The beauty of her surroundings is at odds with the terror that she lives every day. Trapped in an isolated cabin on the coast, she will need to test her newly acquired wilderness skills if she ever hopes to escape. Be sure to follow up with the sequel, Reckoning Tide.



Reckoning Tide





Unlucky in love, Marlie flees a bad relationship. She accepts a teaching job in the remote Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii). The beauty of the islands and the rugged challenge of northern living enthrall her. A good-looking artist has his eye on her. The perfect gentleman. Or is he? And what about that handsome fisherman? Is he just a bit too real for her with his hunting and fishing? Just as Marlie hopes that her life has made a turn for the better, disaster strikes. She is shocked to see her life spiraling downwards yet again. How could she have made such an error in judgement—an error that sets more bad luck in motion?
Not willing to lose control, Marlie takes a deep breath and sets out to get her life back on track. But can she do it alone?
Set in the remote islands of coastal British Columbia, Marlie is a heartfelt romance of love and loss and love again.
Experience the fears and joys of northern island living and delight in a second chance at true love.


Julia’s Violinist

Julia’s Violinist takes us to postwar Europe for an unbiased story of a love triangle.  Julia is widowed with two children at the end of WWll. She remarries and hopes to pick up the pieces to put her broken life back together. It isn’t going well. A letter arrives from her first love from twenty years ago. After all these years, he is alive and wants her to join him in a new life. She struggles with morality and a chance for happiness. Life’s decisions are not always easy and they can come at a huge price.


To find out more about these novels, you can visit my website:


You can also click on the book cover images at the side of this post to go to amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can go to smashwords.com to get these e-books for all types of e-reader formats.

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24 thoughts on “Book Bargains

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  2. Thank you for the heads up and the great sale! 🙂

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  3. Great deal for terrific books!

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  4. They are all riveting adventures with just the right amount of romance thrown in. Fantastic deal for anyone who is looking for some great books to read! Such a talented writer.

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  6. Anneli, this is a wonderful offer, especially for the season now in winter. I like to sit comfortably on the sofa in winter, hear the crackle of the fireplace and then read a captivating book.
    Greetings from Germany…. 🙂

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  7. Thank you!!!! For six months I’ve been meaning to buy Julia’s Violinist! I couldn’t pass up this deal for the others (except what I already read)! Woot!

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  8. Great deal for these fabulous books.

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  9. Anneli, a feast of books for us – I have a couple of these and can’t wait to read Julia’s Violinist first! Good luck with the special promotion and the books are all wonderfully presented here!😀

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    • Thanks a lot, Annika. I hope you enjoy the books. I thought Christmas was a good time to promote the books. It’s so cold and ugly outside and sitting in a cozy chair with a good book and a warm blanket sounds like a good thing to do right about now.

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