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More Than You Can Chew


Have you ever bitten off more than you can chew? I’m sure Lincoln will figure out that he has to chew it a bit at a time, but that filbert looks big enough to choke a horse.

Trouble is, there are three squirrels hanging around here now and the competition is getting fierce. The feeding frenzy is beginning as the temperature dropped and it feels like snow tonight.


The competition’s fierce these days,

I’m not sure what to do,

But in my frenzied eating craze,

I’ve more than I can chew.


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24 thoughts on “More Than You Can Chew

  1. He can do it! I have faith in Lincoln.

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  2. I’m so amazed at how much a squirrel can hold in its mouth! Are the other squirrels relatives of Lincoln’s?

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  3. Lincoln is so very cute. But watch his teeth! He can crack this hazelnut without any problems and then eat the nut.

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  4. I hope Lincoln’s putting something away for the snowy days ahead!

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  5. Ah he is a resilient little guy.

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  6. That’s a great photo! Sometimes the biggest prize isn’t always the best.

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  7. He is just the sweetest thing. Huge nut for him, but I guess he’s used to it. Anneli, if I can get your review together to post on December 20, will you still have your book sale?

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  8. What a great photo of Lincoln!

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  9. Great to see this moment with Lincoln, Anneli. Your words were fun, and this photo is outstanding.

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  10. Another delightful post! A couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed some hyperactive squirrels at my daughter’s home while staying there. One day, they seem to be everywhere . . . the next day all quiet.

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