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Dim Sum


Sorry. It’s not about Chinese food, although I would love to have some right about now.

The brightness of the sky today got “dim some” when the fog rolled in. After days of heavy rain, the clouds regrouped and pondered their next mode of attack, increasingly darkening the sky as the day wore on.

After a while, the fog moved into our place higher up on the hill, and we lived in a cloud for much of the day.

Even Rufus, the spotted towhee, had trouble finding the feeder until Goldie (the golden crowned sparrow) chirped to let him in on the meal.

Groping, groping as we fly,

What has happened to the sky?

It’s not blue nor full of rain,

Will we see the sun again?


Chilly, chilly is the air,

Need to find nutritious fare,

Build our strength and warm us up,

Need some grains for us to sup.


Foggy, foggy all around,

Where can all the seeds be found?

Goldie chirps and calls to me,

She’s my compass, friend, I see.


Sharing, sharing all the seeds,

She has way more than she needs,

Nice of her to share her lunch,

Think I love her a whole bunch.


By the way, Rufus and Goldie both invite you to check outΒ Anneli’s bargains for her books at https://wordsfromanneli.com/2021/11/21/book-bargains/Β 

A great deal until Christmas.


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53 thoughts on “Dim Sum

  1. Just such a beautiful post in every way.

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  2. Such a wonderful post, Anneli. I hope you (and all of B.C.) get lots of sun soon.

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  3. Typical November pictures. I like this post!

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  4. Such a sweet poem, Anneli. I love the repetition of the first words in each stanza. Your photos are beautifully haunting

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  5. I really like the second photo, fog might blot the view but not in this case! Sweet poem too.

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  7. Such a mystical atmosphere! πŸ™‚

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  8. The fog feels so safe when you know what’s going on. Poor birds who wonder if the Sun has died! Lovely poem.

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  9. Is that the view from your home, Anneli? WOW!!! ❀️

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  10. Love the photos and the poem, Anneli. The views from your home are always incredible, no matter what Mother Nature dishes out.

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  11. Oh, I so remember that atmosphere from my days on the island. It envelopes you. And the mountains. And everything.

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  12. That’s so clever. It’s been ‘dim sum” a lot here recently. Most of November was brighter and warmer than usual, so I’m trying to not complain. But I like it sun sum much better. πŸ™‚
    And add this poem to your poetry anthology please!! xo

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  13. A foggy day to end November. Lovely photos, Anneli.

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  14. Love this! So beautiful.

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  15. Excellent ! Thank you for sharing πŸŽ‰πŸ’•πŸ‘

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  16. Dear Anneli, now we have it again, the quiet and cloudy season in which the landscape often disappears under a gray veil. There is no getting through for the sun, the view is considerably restricted. Landscapes in fog, on the other hand, have inspired many painters to capture this mysterious mood. Your poem is beautiful, it captures this mood and yourlovely photos show how beautiful this time can be.
    Anneli, I wish you all the best!πŸ’•

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    • Thank you so much, Rosie. I’m glad that you see how this season can be beautiful too in its own way. To be honest, there were times in the summer when the heat was so bad and every plant and animal was thirsty, that I wished for one of these rainy, foggy days. Now we have them (almost too much). But the rainy weather has its own beauty, as you say. Have a wonderful weekend!


  17. Gorgeous photos and adorable poem! You tricked me with the title, but I like the post more than the food!!!
    BTW, if you haven’t heard anything about a review in the next couple of weeks, feel free to remind me because I am an airhead as of late. If you think of it.

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    • I’m so pleased that you’re going to write a review for Julia’s Violinist. I know it’s time consuming, but just think how happy you will make the author. I really appreciate it, Luanne. Thanks so much.


  18. Now I should say ..Dim Some.. good idea.

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  19. Anneli, thanks for sharing your imagination through this delightful poem. Nature’s fog can both be a blessing to experience as well as write about.

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