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Night Visitor


Reggie Raccoon came to visit last night. Emma dog was surprised when she went out for last call. Luckily for her, Reggie was a fast climber.  I don’t think Emma would have come away unscathed from an interaction with Reggie.



Reggie likes to prowl at night,

Finds it safer without light,

Still he gets caught by surprise,

Up the tree he’s quick to rise.


Little dogs might seem so cute,

But it brings out Reggie Brute,

He can be so fiercely mean,

After all the fights he’s seen.


Up the tree’s the safest thing,

Better than the fighting ring,

Reggie needs to watch his back,

Just in case the dogs attack.


Waiting in the branch’s crook,

Fearful moments while he shook,

Seem a lifetime till it’s clear,

And he can release his fear.


All he wanted was to check,

If the squirrels had left a speck,

They are given so much food,

Thought they’d share if in the mood.


Nothing left though, that was clear,

And when coupled with the fear,

Reggie wonders why he came,

He must find some other game.


In the meantime he will smile,

For the camera all the while,

Long as he can look so sweet,

He can hope they’ll leave a treat.



Meanwhile Emma’s found a spot,

Where she can relax a lot,

Reggie doesn’t want to play,

Maybe try another day.



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40 thoughts on “Night Visitor

  1. I’m so glad that Emma didn’t tangle with the Coon, they are very mean varmints!

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  2. Lovely and lucky encounter with the bandit!

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  3. He is a great little mischievous guy.

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  4. Raccoons look so sweet but my, they are very tough! I’m glad that Emma and the night visitor stayed away from each other.

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  5. As long as you have only one racoon in your garden it´s not too bad. I just hope he won´t bring the whole family along one day. He looks so innocent on the picture, but they can be very dangerous for a little dog!

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  6. Emma is smart to keep her distance.

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  7. They both look like they have the right idea!

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  8. Lately we have had one (or more) of those “trash-can Pandas” around the house again. But then, two nights ago, it was a skunk, and that guy must have sprayed somewhere on our porch of all places. What a stink!

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  9. Raccoons are just so darn cute, but you don’t want to tangle with one! Glad to hear Emma and the raccoon both went their separate ways.

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  10. Next time, Emma. 🙂

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  11. I like that photo of Reggie caught in the act! Probably good that Emma keeps him away from the goodies. But raccoons can be pretty fierce. A fun poem, Anneli. 😀

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  12. Ahh, it’s great when the dog retreats and the dog or the dog’s owners know to avoid the conflict. Fun poem, Anneli.

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  14. There’s a fair population of raccoons in central Europe now after they escaped from a fur farm during WWII (as if we needed another reason to dislike the fur trade). They’ve not made it to England though.

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  15. Awww, what a beaut. Even if he/she is a brute sometimes. They’re intelligent creatures, and who can blame them for searching for some good food? Another fun poem.

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  16. Delightful story through the use of poetic verses. Anneli, your photos add the rest. A few years ago, one of my brothers experienced a visitor in his attic . . . perhaps he was a cousin of Reggie.

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