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Bullock’s Oriole


The winter has been too long so I dug out some old photos. The quality is not good on these pictures, but the happiness scale was registering right up there, so I’m posting the photos anyway. Reminiscing about this bird sighting still makes me smile.

It was back in the summer of 2016. I heard him before I saw him. He was a bit too far away for a clear picture, but I was afraid I might not get another chance, so I snapped it quickly.

He sat high up in a fir tree. With his unusual song and bright colours, he was unforgettable. If only he would stay put long enough for me to get a picture.

The Bullock’s oriole is not a bird you often see in our area of central Vancouver Island.

I prowled around the deck, camera in hand, searching the trees for movement and sound as he flitted from one fir to another.

I phoned my neighbour, who loves birds too, to ask her to watch for the oriole as it had gone over to the trees on her place. I almost threw the phone down when I saw that it had come back to check out my red hot pokers.

I didn’t dare run out onto the deck this time and scare it away, so unfortunately this photo is taken through the smudgy glass pane of the railing.

Oh, he was nervous. A second later, he was gone.

But now that Big Bird was gone, the tiny ones returned to their favourite snack.

I tried to get him to slow down as I didn’t have the camera set up for super-high speed for hummingbird wingbeats (does the camera setting even go that high?) but he wasn’t to be held back.

With the Spanish lavender so prolific right behind him, you would think he’d go for that, but he preferred the pokers. I know the bees love the lavender so maybe that had something to do with it.

I didn’t get much work done that morning. The time spent was “for the birds.”

So today on this cool, foggy day, I reminded myself that winter doesn’t last forever, and we have good things to look forward to.


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33 thoughts on “Bullock’s Oriole

  1. Great pictures, Anneli! 🙂

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  2. Beautiful photos, Anneli! The birds and flowers are amazing. ❤️

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  3. A wonderful post and reminder of what’s waiting for us. Thank you for posting these splendid photos; they provided me a big lift!

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  4. Anneli, I love that you surrender to the most important task for the morning … spending time with the birds! The photos are glorious, a magical and beautiful start to my day! I’ve never even heard of orioles before and what an incredible and uplifting sight for you! Thank you for sharing with us all … the grey cold mist of January seems far away whilst viewing these!

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  5. This post is spending so much hope for spring to come. It reminded me that it only gets better. Thanks for perkingus up!

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  6. Beautiful photos, Anneli! I can’t wait to see our hummingbirds again. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Sometimes we need to go back to our archived photos and pull out those that bring back sweet memories of summer. One month of winter is behind us. Greetings from the Kootenays!

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  8. You captured some lovely memories.

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  9. Lynette over on her blog also posted summer pictures. I think where she lives is as cold as yours! These are lovely.

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  10. Thank you for these brilliantly colored photos! A promise of good things to come and look forward to in these somewhat dreary times. Your photos are so beautiful, as is that Oriole!!

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  11. It’s springtime here in Palm Springs. The songbirds are lively. No orioles yet. Vermilion flycatchers here all winter and the mockingbirds also. You have a lot to look forward to in the coming of spring. Really enjoyed your blog , especially his photo. Handsome feathered fellow.

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    • I guess that means that one day it will be spring here too. I love seeing bright birds. Right now most of our birds are the ones with subdued colours, except the woodpeckers. Counting the days till spring comes. Enjoy your time in Palm Springs.


  12. Anneli, I found your photos to be both interesting and really don’t know what you’re talking about in terms of the “quality”. You’re just too picky! Your header is fabulous! ❤

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    • I would like the oriole’s outline to have been clearer, but I guess I can’t expect that when I’m taking the picture through a smudgy pane of glass. But I’m glad you found the post interesting. Thanks, Carol.


  13. What a gorgeous vivid bird. Your photos are fantabulous!!!!

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  14. This is just what I needed to see on a cold, snowy day! Beautiful!

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