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What’s Under There?


Photo courtesy of Pat Gerrie.

No, that is not a frozen lake beyond the tree line. It’s the northern end of the Okanagan Valley, seen from Silver Star Mountain Resort.

Imagine life going on under that massive fog in the valley. People are trying to drive to and from town, to buy groceries, fill the car with gas, visit with friends, pick up kids from school. They’re feeling their way through the fog, trying not to drive into the lake beside the highway. Doom and gloom, like being half blind when you’re right down there in it. Grope, grope.

And here is the fog over the Comox Valley. Below this fog is the salt water. Only boats are groping their way from A to B. Under this fog, the sea lions chase salmon while the salmon chase herring.


Eagles hover over unsuspecting loons, or scoters, or ducks, looking for a sickly one – perhaps one who had a hard time finding food during that last cold spell. They wait for a break in the fog to spy their lunch. Or, they might fly over unsuspecting birds who don’t expect an attacker from the mist.

The fog is scheduled to lift now that a new southeast system is moving in, but it seems that in a surprise about-face, the wind is forecast to bring us one more day of northern air and blow some snow flurries on us – just for a few minutes tomorrow.


Icy fog 

Droplets of drizzle,

Freeze my dog,

Muzzle of grizzle.


Blind and down,

My spirits are low,

Fog brings a frown,

Wish it would go.


Southeaster blows,

Fog drifts away,

Maybe it snows,

But just for a day.

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36 thoughts on “What’s Under There?

  1. Wow, Anneli, very beautiful photos and poem. I did assume that the clouds looked just like a lake. Beautiful.

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  2. Up there we should be instead under the fog! Beautiful pictures and I like the little poem too.

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  3. Wow! That opening photo is stunning, Anneli. Lovely poem!

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  4. And so it goes with Mother Nature. Lovely, Anneli.

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  5. We had so many foggy days when the forecast predicted sunny weather. Usually, I wouldn’t say I like the wind in the winter. They make the temperature so much colder. But on foggy days, I would love to see the wind blow away the dark blanket over the valley.

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  6. If you hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t know it was fog. Wow. I think of ancient folks maneuvering through that. My son lives in Fredrick Maryland which is warning of dense fog. I’m not sure ‘dense’ to them is even as thick as this picture!

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  7. That’s some thick fog, Anneli! I actually like fog, but only for an hour or two… then it can burn off. Great photos of that white blanket.

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  8. I’ve lived in the Okanagan Valley fog and it doesn’t go all the way to the bottom, so you can still find your way around. 🙂 It does get socked in and grey, though. People in Penticton will often drive up to Apex (a nearby ski spot) to get some sun (we have done that ourselves)!

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    • That’s good to know, about it not going right to the bottom. It does here on the island. I’ve been to Apex in my younger days, but not to get away from the fog. I don’t actually remember fog in the Okanagan. We just went there to ski. But I can see that it would be a good place to go for a bit of sun on a foggy day.

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  9. Such beautiful photos . I think that he is an Eagle ..always love visiting our family in BC.

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  10. Beautiful images, great post ❤️

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  12. Anneli, very beautiful photos and the poem is so atmospheric. The dense, thick fog over Comox Valley looks like it’s a calm lake. Such beautiful.
    Anneli, I wish you all the best…Rosie 🌹

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